Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things About 3-Year-Olds

Specifically Rachel.

Things I love about this age:

1. She loves to cuddle.

2. She looks cute even with her bangs cut too short. (Stupid hairstylist.)

3. She loves to "help" with anything and everything.* "Where's my stool?"

4. She says nearly everthing is her "favorite" or she loves it "the most" or it's "perfect".

5. She will agree to go to bed "for a little while" at bedtime.

6. She tells me, with arms outstretched, "I love you THIS much!" several times a day.

Things I don't love about this age:

1. She asks "Why" whenever possible, which is nearly 2,000 times a day. Does she even know what that means or is it just fun to hear me talk?!..."Because blah, blah, blah..."

2. She will only wear dresses, which turns out is partly endearing once I resign myself to not being in charge anymore.

3. She insists on repeating naughty words like "sucks" and "crap". JACOB THOMAS! Arggh!

4. *Loves to "help" with anything and everything. Blast that darn stool!

5. She is giving up naps totally and yet not going to bed earlier. I CAN'T take it. I really am losing it a bit...

As I review these lists it occurs to me that some of the things on them may not be age-appropriate stages as much as personality traits. Let's hope all the not so pleasant things will change with time and the things I love will remain the same.

I know this will not be the case, but maybe I will enjoy it ALL a bit more knowing that time changes nearly everything...Childhood is indeed fleeting, even the loooong, lazy days of summer.

Welcome, fall. Be kind to us with all the changes you promise to bring.


Ridges Gang said...

This may be my favorite blog of yours! I recognize many of these personality traits. Thanks for helping me to get to know the kids in a new way!

Anonymous said...

she does say "why" alot

Becky said...

I love these three posts! Maybe some of it is simply stages, because the 3 and 8 sound a lot like my own kids.

Laura said...

That's the best post I've read in a long time, Kim!! I love it. I should print it for reference since we have all 3 stages still coming up! ; )

Anonymous said...

Kim you are a great mom. I love that you love your kids and hope I had something to do with that. I know I loved my kids and still do. Hope your having fun in Utah being away from your kids by the way. Love you all. thanks for sharing your life with me I miss you but not as much as I would if not for your blog. Mom