Monday, January 28, 2008

Ben's Friendly Reminder

So Ben wrote on the fridge, out of the blue, "We rock!"

When asked what he meant he explained..."You know, our family, we rock. We're really awesome." Yeah, Ben, I suppose we are...Thanks for noticing and reminding us.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Saturday.

Another fun-filled day in the life of the Newton clan:

7:50a.m. Jake goes to the church for a scout meeting to prepare for a "dogsled race" and campout. More details as it gets closer.

8:00a.m. An oil change for the van.

9:00a.m. Ben plays basketball at the YMCA with Dad and Rachel to cheer him on.

10:00a.m. Enjoying some blustery time at the park while Dad, Ben and Rachel wait for Jake to arrive.

10:30a.m.-2:00p.m. Jake and Ben compete at a Pokemon "tournament" at a local card shop. (Dad forgot to take pictures when he dropped off Taco Bell. We'll have to take some next Saturday to document this unique development in our Saturday routine.) Ben is certainly the only one there coming from a sporting event...

10:30-2:00 Dad and Rachel run errands...

10:30-2:00 Mom attends a "lia sophia" jewelry party and gets some downtime...Isn't this set cute? Find a local party rep to order your jewelry THIS month. In January you pay full price for your first item and 1/2 off two additional items! I was able to get this set and some cubic zirconia earrings for less than $60. That's a screaming deal. lia sophia has a website where you can find a consultant.

5:00 We forego one of Ben's indoor soccer games to attend the Ward party....

The kids have fun running wild--not unlike a pack of wild wolves--even Rachel joins in the fun this time! The boys found time to do some service, tying scarves. Good job, boys!

9:00p.m. Time for bed, please?!?...

Look, Mom, bangs!

Do you like the bangs? Rachel inspired me even though her hair sometimes resembles a glorified mullet. I really should try to do more with her hair!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Rachel is feeling much better. We're off to playgroup and so happy to be getting out. She said first thing this morning that she feels better and then when I asked if she wanted breakfast she replied, "Yessiree!" There's nothing better than an agreeable three-year-old; we'll enjoy it while it lasts. Yessiree.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We had a bunch of new snow on Friday night and then continuous flurries yesterday for the MLK holiday. I try to be excited about snow through February since that is technically still winter, according to the musical "Camelot". But despite my cheery snowman decorations and my insistence that I like seasonal climates I'm having trouble with all the coldness.

My sister emailed me to "have fun with the snow" but I'm too cold to have fun! It's BEAUTIFUL, but I need the high to be at least greater than 19 and the low higher than -2 to "have fun". Send some global warming our way...

At least Baby Sarah(Bitty Baby) is dressed for the weather. Can you tell Rachel is sick? She has to miss school today-darn it, it's only once a week. She's got a cough, fever, and runny nose and by Rachel's own assessment..."I not feel so well." Poor Rachel. Keep smiling. This too shall pass.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Spring Break 2008!!!

Forgive me for being so excited about a vacation that is two months away, but we just finished booking it and it's going to be awesome! There'll be beaches for Jake and Dave, lots of kids for Ben to meet and make friends with and princesses for me and Rachel. After booking it we realized that we'll be gone for Easter. Happy Easter to us!

We're going to California to visit Disneyland for a couple days and then on a 5-night cruise to Mexico and San Diego. In true Newton-fashion it should be totally booked and fun-filled. Just to have a warm reprieve to look forward to is improving my outlook...These below freezing temps can really get you down, if you know what I mean...

Anyway, here's to having plans to look forward to!

Ben's "Star Attraction"

Today, Ben has to bring in a suitcase filled with things to show his class. He has various trophies and medals from basketball, cross-country, baseball and soccer, a favorite book, his piano book, drumsticks from Rock Band, a football, a lego bionicle, various video games, and his collection of Harley-Davidson motorcycle models. That is Ben in a suitcase, apparently...The things were all his own picks and I think he did a great job showing his diverse interests. What a great kid! Ben, you're a star every week in our house.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Rachel is THREE!

Can you believe Rachel is 3? The last year has gone super fast. She was a fantastic two-year-old; after she decided to talk rather than scream...She's such a sweet girl(maybe a bit too bossy sometimes.) The next year promises to be fun and challenging as she has so many opinions about everything and yet still wants to be "The Baby" when it's convenient.

Her party was great fun and only had a brief moment when all 4 girls were crying. Dave caught it on video and I'll try to upload it later.

Rachel enjoying her new toys.

Here Rachel and Avery are enjoying some sugar cubes and water.