Monday, January 26, 2009

This is What 4 Looks Like...

Lots of twirling

Loves helium balloons with a reckless passion.

On Rachel's birthday she woke to a room full of balloons and brought treats to preschool. As soon as the boys were home from school, we went to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. We left there to hurry to the church for Cub Scout pack meeting. A busy, fun-filled day.

Throwing yet another tea party. Gosh, she's quite the hostess!

She opened presents throughout the day and was even convinced to take a brief nap on her new birthday pillowcase from Grammy Lois.

The pillowcase was actually Rachel's idea about a week before her birthday. She said to me, "I know what Grammy Lois is getting me." And that peaked my interest. "She's making me a birthday pillowcase with a cake and candles on it." Must call Mom ASAP. That's a project she could do, but is there time? Looks like she found the time. It's really beautiful and much loved. Thanks, Grammy!

But of course celebrating doesn't stop there. We had cake a couple of nights later when Dave could be home. And then the friends' party was on the following Saturday.

These are pictures of Rachel getting ready for the party. Four-year-olds have lots more to worry about before a party than in previous years...

There's sparkly shoes to wear, "Princess shoes,"

fingernails to polish,

and of course, lip gloss to apply.

All set. Ready to party.

First, cupcakes to devour.

Next, costumes to don.

Parades to be held.

Lastly, games to play.

Molly Coddles does a great job of entertaining and delighting the young-girl crowd.

We missed Ruby and Jane and think "they are taking too long to come home." But they sent some love our way with a package that included the perfect outfit for the new 4-year-old. Thank you so much, Annee!
A perfect twirling skirt.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blogger's Block?

Is that what you call it when you feel like there's nothing you can really say that matters? I'm not trying to sound melodramatic or self-pitying, it's just I don't know what to say. I feel like such a cliche really--the whole January blues thing and all--but that doesn't seem to fit this year...

It's more like life is happening but nothing seems noteworthy outside the realm of my own little world. I'm here plugging along as I always do, trying to enjoy each day (and having pretty decent success, which future posts will show) but with a bunch of stuff hanging over my head--looming might be the right word--and feeling somewhat paralyzed by it all.

I wish I could say my lack of posting has left me with time to tackle organization projects like Annee has done or that I have read scores of books, but it would not be true. I guess I'll just write some catch-up posts and hope I get my groove back sometime soon. I'm so sick of not having a new post up I can't stand it. Aarggh. Could I make my kids post to earn their allowance?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last night Dave and I went to the holiday lab party thrown by his group for all the many lab employees that make pathology run smoothly. We've attended every year since we've been here and Dave is usually the only pathologist there. It's a fun, eclectic group of people. I am getting to know many of the people who attend from previous years and from the blood donor dinner that Dave is in charge of every year.

This is the funny story though...last year a young girl who works in histology was at a table where Dave introduced me as his housekeeper. He said something about not being able to find a date and bringing me, his housekeeper, instead. I wasn't paying attention so I had no idea that was the joke. Well, the joke is on her because several months later someone mentioned "Dr. Newton's wife" and she was surprised to find out he was married already. She thought I was really the housekeeper and they made fun of her for ages. In fact, at the party this year I was referred to as the housekeeper MANY times.

One thing that is always funny to me at these things is the way EVERYONE calls Dave "Dr. Newton". I suppose he IS Dr. Newton but those of you who know him know what I mean when I say it is kind of funny. I am the woman behind the respected Dr. Newton, or at least his housekeeper! LOL

Happy Birthday Jake and Happy New Year

Last day of 2008 recap. Here it goes. Happy Birthday to one official teenager.

We love you Jake and feel so lucky to have your talents in our family. You're our very own one-of-a-kind Jake and we adore you (though you do play on your DS way too the bathroom, really? Eeeuw.)

We spent the afternoon at IT'Z with several coupons and one friend. I've never seen so many tickets at one time in my life. Deal or No Deal really spits 'em out. It reminds me of adults with a gambling problem when I see these kids frantically trying to win the tickets. Let's not go to Vegas any time soon with this crew. Happy Birthday! We'll have to post when you decide how you want your room redecorated.

Dave arrived home rather late but in time to indulge in cheese fondue, shrimp, li'l smokies with sterno, and Cold Stone snickers ice cream cake.

Only Jake stayed up until midnight (playing on his DS) while the rest of us called it in at 10pm.

I'm glad to have documented some of our family highlights in 2008 and am looking forward to more in 2009.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Recap...finally

You know what would help my posting habits? My kids going back to school!

They will be going back on Thursday, January 8th, assuming everyone remains healthy and we don't get pummelled with more snow. On Sunday church was cancelled because we had so much snow. It was a lovely, quiet, relaxing day. I have loved having them home and enjoyed the days of freedom from homework, ect. but I am ready for some peace and quiet. Despite their promises of reform to not fight (following a loss of privileges) they remain loud and somewhat obnoxious.

But back to Christmas. It was quiet and filled with joy. Santa found his way to our house and left many treats.

Jake has enjoyed his new bathrobe a bit too much. Who knew he would never get dressed again of his own free will? His addiction to Animal Crossing Wild World for DS is not helping him to get out much either. Can you believe he logged 26 hours in the first three days and finished the game?! Crazy. His buddy Trevor is equally addicted so that's not much help.

Ben enjoyed a Christmas of many new guns. There is laser tag, nerf dart tag, and a nerf-type machine gun. Some video games with skating and snowboarding as well as new RockBand favorites have also kept him busy. Is there ever a time when Ben is not busy? Not really.

Rachel got a new puppy. The only kind that is an option, a toy. She wanted "Bisquit" from a commericial, a robotic dog that walks and does tricks and is as tall as she is, all for a mere 180 bucks. But Santa thought better of that "Bisquit" and got her another one that knows its own name and her name as well. It also grows from a tiny pup to a small pup over the course of four days. Very cute and more beloved by her than any other toy ever received. She also received the swimming baby as per her request and it actually works. She takes it to swim lessons with her and it swims like a champ across the entire pool.
We all stayed in pajamas all day long, which I have never done before, and it was grand. Except for Rachel, who needed to take a bath with the swimming baby. Dave and I even got a nap in while Rachel tackled her leapster-known as her"lobster"-and the boys played various video games. Dave gave me an iphone so I can "blog on the run." I don't think so, but it has so many fun things that I'll be playing with it for a long time to come.

It was a great Christmas.