Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly Update


Jake got his driver's license on Friday, February 17th.  I picked him up early from school and we spent three quality hours at the DMV together.  It included a trip to lunch at his favorite local Mexican place so I like to think of it as a date.  He will be able to take one other teenager in the car with him starting in six months and in a year from now he can take whomever he chooses...I'm glad he doesn't love to drive and didn't drop me off at home and head out on the town on Friday night.  It's nice of him to ease me into this whole parenting a teenager thing.  Does anyone really think I'll be ready for Ben to be sixteen?  Will the world be ready for that?

I felt like a date with Ben on Saturday might be fun since Rachel had a birthday party at a local cave that Dave was taking her to and Ben desperately needed a new bearing for his yo-yo.  Off to Manitou Springs after getting my hair done.  We happened upon the Manitou Carnivale parade and found a great Greek restaurant for lunch right by the yo-yo store.  Ben is really rocking the yo-yo lately.  He is one of a kind!  This week we should hear about what team he made for competitive baseball.  The team managers held a draft this weekend.  Crazy.  Soccer is ramping up just as I am burning out on it.  How can it be that the season has not even started and I'm tired of it?  Maybe Ben should just be a musician and yo-yo player.  You know, stay-at-home stuff.

For our date, Rachel and I were going to go to the playground and bake a cake together but the monkey bars got cold very quickly which put a damper on our playground time and then the cake baking got messed up by Dave fixing the auto-clean feature on the oven as we were planning to bake.  The oven got cleaned but we will need to schedule another real date soon.  Love that little lady.  Last Saturday she did something for the first time that makes me so proud and happy and a little sad.  She borrowed a chapter book from the library, a Geronimo Stilton book for those who know kids' series, and she read the whole thing by herself.  It took her a couple of hours.  I love LOVE to read but I had no idea it would give me such joy to see her loving it too.  Pure joy.

We hosted a soup night on Sunday for a few friends.  It was fun and keeping with my goal to entertain more.  I went to the temple last Thursday.  Haven't been in ages.  Nice to go with Lori and her mom.  Missed Annee and Arby's this time.  Still laughing about the turkey sandwich from the drive-thru from years ago.

Dave has the coming week off so we'll do something fun for President's Day and then I've got a honey-do list for him.  Oh boy, do I.  Wish him luck.  Though it's likely he doesn't need it.  He did fix the oven and the hot tub already, in one day he'd like to note.  Until next week.


A week ago, Trent was riding those scooters at school and fell off, slamming his face into the wood floor.  Poor kid was bleeding everywhere.  They sent him home on the bus and called me.  Poor baby needed two stitches inside his upper lip.  He didn't even flinch!!  That kid is a trooper.  I'm traumatized though.  Swelling went down after a few days.  School is dangerous for my kids!!!  Kayla got stitches after hitting her head at recess last year.  Hailey almost got her finger broken at school a few weeks ago..........

This week I made a lot of heart shaped sugar cookies!!  Trent's class got to decorate their own cookies  :)  I went in and helped, it is so cute how three shakes of sprinkles turns into a mountain!!  I love preschool!!  Kayla had her Valentine's Day party too, I decorated those before though.  I run back and forth between classes so I don't miss too much.  Trent's teacher is super sweet and asked me what time Kayla's party starts so they could start earlier.  That way I can make both parties without missing too much.  Kayla also had her Science Fair this week.  She did an experiment on which tape is the best, Scotch or generic.  Scotch won!!  She got interviewed by the Norwich Bulletin.  Check online for her photo.

Sean and I were heading to the casino tonight to watch his friend in a comedy competition.  But Hailey fell ill.  She came home yesterday with a sore throat (AGAIN!!!) and now she's wheezing through her throat, fever 102.3 and hasn't spoken since yesterday morning :(  Heading back to the doctor today.  Hopefully it's something easy to cure.  I've found that viruses really make me mad.  The poor kid suffers and nothing can fix it!!!  I'd rather have it a bacterial infection of some sort so they can cure her!!!!  I need some spring!!  Maybe I should homeschool!!!!  Germs, boo boos gone!! 
My exercise routine has picked up :) I'm doing 100 crunches everyday plus the rest of my workouts.  I lost about two inches from my waist!!! And the areas that strapless dresses show off has slimmed :) Sean thought I've been shrinking his pants!!!!!  He seemed to have found the weight I lost!!   Not that you can tell on him :)  So funny.

Goals, keep on keeping on.  I love your quote Kim!!  I plan on waking up, being amazing and going to bed :)  Air out the house today, it's supposed to be 50.  Hit the -10 pounds mark.  Find time for a date with Sean.  

I've actually and honestly been too
Busy to even right an email. I have been working 12 hour days for HOUSE OF CACH. We have been doing a LOT of things... New designs, new sales, social media. All amazing and good things. I have been avoiding packing because I'm a dumb ass. I have also been squeezing in a few fun things. Such as a QUEER dance party with a ICE BEARD APOCALYPTIC theme and performing as Abraham Lincoln. So basically my life is the same as always. This past week I had a two day migraine that was leading to some
major throwing up.  I then decided to
go out on ValenTIMES day and get totally drunk. I haven't drank in months and the next day was sick for approx. 24 hours. Here's some pics of the last two weeks......

Goals....ugh. I am not good with goals. It doesn't help me get things done. So instead I'll do some nice things for strangers this week. As in hold the door more often. Or maybe buy the person behind me in line a coffee


Rob says he'll catch up with us next week. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly Update


Sadly, my plans for getting this done on Saturday failed.  Yeah, I was
actually planning on having it done for Saturday so that I could get
it out on Sunday morning for a change, but pesky life keeps getting in
the way.  For the most part, this week was really standard and boring.
The biggest change from standard protocol was that the kids didn't
get their homework done on Wednesday, so we missed D&D night again,
this is three in a row now!  It seems like they are able to carry on
without us, which is actually pretty good - I don't have to feel
pressured to make it.  I did start getting some forward progress on
refinancing the house this week, with the new credit union approving
the loan, pending my paperwork checks out.  Basically, I just have to
get copies of the mortgage note, divorce decree and divorce agreement,
saying that I own the house, and it should be all set.  Two months
without a mortgage payment, and then around 400 bucks a month less
going to it!  On top of that, it means my interest payments will be
higher, so my tax deduction will be bigger, at least unless that tax
benefit is taken away.

I got most of my W2s and other tax forms needed, so I started entering
the information into H&R Block - looks pretty grim so far.
Apparently, I am outpacing a lot of the 99%, but I don't have Cayman
island accounts and huge capital gains to keep me fiscally sound, so I
will be paying roughly 35% of my income in taxes, all told.  I thought
it might be as high as 30%, but this is just painful.  If that isn't
enough mind-numbing bureaucracy for you, I also got notified that I
need to renew my security clearance, so I have a decade of employment,
familial, residential, financial and social to document... Be prepared
to hear from the Government about me, they might want to ask my
siblings about me, just tell them that I can keep a secret - it's even

As to getting this done on Saturday, I was hoping to not have to worry
about it on Superbowl Sunday, but Allison and her friend were coming
over to watch the game here (why get an awesome new TV if you can't
show it off?) and I had mucho cleaning to do.  I didn't get much help
from the kids, so Saturday was a hellishly draining day of chasing
messes down, and trying to distract Archer enough that he would not
make new messes.  In the end, I got the house mostly clean, at least
enough that I wasn't embarrassed. I would rather not talk about the game itself.  
Stupid Giants.


Let's see........Last week was hectic to put it mildly.  Chase got a stomach bug Sunday.  Kayla got it Tuesday.  Monday they ripped out the old oil tank and installed a new one.  Tuesday they started putting in new doors and windows.  All while I had kids puking.  Fun times.  Poor Kayla had to move room to room while they installed the windows.  I cannot believe how many bugs my kids have had this year!!  Insanity.  Everyone was better Thursday :)  My windows and doors are beautiful!!  Super happy with the kitchen especially.  The contractor who did the work also looked at the roof for us.  Water spots on the ceiling in three places :(  Come to find out we need a roof.  Not very excited about that.  I think I don't want to be a homeowner anymore.  It's not all that fun :( 

Sean finally had a whole weekend off!!!  Friday our friends Dominic and Kristine brought their baby Gabriel over.  Love getting a baby fix!!!!  Saturday Sean took the kids to the airplane museum.  He needed a daddy-kid day.  Saturday night Keving (Sean's brother) and Lucy came over.  They're looking for houses in Lebanon!!!!  Sunday I took off with Heather and Laura to Providence.  Laura saw Kurt to get her hair done and Heather and I went and ordered our bridesmaid dresses (FINALLY)!!!!!  The wedding is in April.  Waited long enough.  Then girl scouts, then Superbowl.  My friend Crystal and her family came over for the game.  Good busy weekend.  Lot's of company!  Rare around here.  As for my goals, I am right on target.  -2 lbs. a week.  Of course it doesn't come off where you want it to.  But I'm increasing my workouts this week, adding in more cardio and reps.  Yesterday I killed it!!  :)

Last week was a week of THRIFT SHOPPING.  Sunday I found a pair of brown leather pants for $40!  Then my most favorist jacket in Boston for $50. Later on that week I was in NYC for a friends bands performance. I wore another thrift find...a purple women's jacket. 

I took some pictures on a rooftop  

I then found size 14 men's cowboy boots to paint for my statue cause my others are too small. Especially when my feet swell while working. And I got a pair of jeans that are treated and LOOK leather. 


This week is PACKING so I can store stuff in carries basement.  Because she is apparently my parents

This guy is a stud.

We loved watching the Giants win in the Super Bowl. (Sorry Rob but you must know I hate the Patriots and always have...long before you loved them.)  Jake picked the Giants at the beginning of the season as "his team".  He tends to be incredibly lucky like that.  

The rest of the week kind of sucked for me since I was sick, as in lost almost two whole days to illness.  That's pretty rare for me.  I felt REALLY badly on Tuesday and Thursday.  I'm still kind of cruddy (wondering if I now have a sinus infection?) but so much better than Thursday that it's hard to complain. 

I've been wondering lately what I really accomplish in a week--it so often feels like nothing--that I've spent some time trying to decide if I need more structure in my life.  Now, for those of you that know me well, that should be funny.  It took me a bit to realize just how funny.  

I make a new recipe every week.  I serve fish once a week.  I serve homemade soup once a week.  I do all my laundry one day a week.  I clean my entire house one day a week.  I volunteer at school one day a week.  I attend church once a week.  I bake muffins on the weekend.  I hold FHE every week(which really means planning a great dessert once a week.)  I do yoga at least twice a week.  I walk with Lori in the morning(except when I'm sick!).  I read a book for book club every month.  I attend multiple PTO meetings every month.  I pack lunches every morning.  I make a dinner menu every week.  I shop every Monday and fill up my gas tank, whether it needs it or not.  I go to the library once a week.
Zuppa Toscano-This week's new recipe and soup all in one.  Delicious.

Maybe the problem is not LACK of structure but just the opposite.  Maybe I need to throw caution to the wind and have a week with NO structure to see how that feels.  Maybe that would help me see how much I really am accomplishing.  Maybe not.  That just sounds crazy.  And a little irresponsible. 

Likely, I just need to be more mindful of the little things I do to help out my peeps.  After all that's my main job right now...I helped Ben with a "time line" of his life last week.  Took Jake for his driving test.  He passed and can get his license next week if we can find the time.  Helped Rachel master her 71 phonograms-whew, I'll be glad to finish 1st grade forever.  Helped Dave out with his Deacon's quorum combined youth activity.  Picked up the repaired french horn.  Comforted Rachel's broken heart.  Supported Ben for baseball tryouts.  Avoided mortally wounding a disrespectful teenager.  Celebrated the kids' accomplishments, including Ben's third award for all-around awesomeness at school.

All this while I was sick.  I'm rocking this job.  I'll do it again this coming week.  Enough said. 

Weekly (?) Update

My fault.  I was waiting for an update from Rob (which arrived on Thursday, 2/2) and then I lost the rest of the post somewhere in the blogosphere.  I kept thinking I would be able to find my clever and witty text along with Carrie and Kurt's charming updates and then I would post it.  It is not going to happen.  My sixteen-year-old has it right.  I am technologically challenged.  Oh well. 

So here it is (minus my long-winded contribution)--The Week of January 30th(give or take)...

I've seen this on Pinterest (which tells you something about how I spend my week) and it kind of sums up my entire life for you...

My daily routine: Get up, be amazing, go back to bed.


My goals for the week complete, my boys got their hair done at Little Klippers in Colchester.  They have an airplane chair!!!  They look so cute, although Chase looks so big!!!  And he is!  We moved him to a big boy bed this week!!  Freecycle rocks!!  Free car bed :)  Mom came to Providence with me and the monsters Saturday to get the girls hair done. Hailey has pink and purple highlights.  Kayla got her hair dyed too!!  It's a beautiful auburn :)  Crazy young but it's in their DNA!!!  My exercise has been awesome!!  I'm feeling a little superhero like.  I lost 2 lbs. :)  I picked up a scale, balance ball and some weights.  I overdid the workouts last week and needed a massage, so I came up with a four day a week plan.  I'm sleeping so good!!  I feel amazing.  46 lbs. is my goal.  Hopefully in 23 weeks I'll have reached it!!!

This week is starting with Chase throwing up, the oil tank is going in and the old one coming out.  Hopefully I'll have a time frame on the windows and doors :(  Special orders ugh.  Bump the elliptical time up 5 minutes.  And take Kayla to the dentist.  Have a sparkling week :)


I walked in a runway show

I made a cell phone case

I want to bring my CDs to a store to sell them


Sunday, Thursday... they are so much alike, it is easy to confuse
them.  Ugh.  You take a few days off from your life and next thing you
know everything is forcefully moved around on you.

So I didn't have really anything to add the week before last, people
got sick, threw up, ran fevers - life goes on etc.  Last week I made
my trip out to D&D Experience in Fort Wayne, IN on Wednesday, getting
home (insanely tired) on Sunday night.  Not really much to crow about
in the days leading up to it, except for maybe watching the Patriots
win another playoff game, ensuring a spot in the Superbowl, only to
have the Giants beat the 49ers and get a rematch of 2007 - and we all
know how that ended :( . Last year I had brought McGuire with me to
DDXP, and it was an absolute blast getting to spend all day playing
with him for a long weekend.  This year, stupid school had to get in
the way of having my eldest son along with me, since he had mid-terms
that week, and I couldn't in good faith pull him out of midterms to go
have fun with his Dad.  As such, I got them off to school on
Wednesday, then took off for my trip.

I had a nice little scare on the way out, as I realized that I left
the house at 9, to get to the airport at 10, to catch my plane at
11:30 - and then noticed that the plane left at 11:10.  And the
parking lot was closed.  So I had to go to one of the far-away parking
lots, and practically run to the terminal - thankfully security was
empty and not a huge hassle, and I got to the terminal as they were
seating group 4.  I had the crazy good fortune of being in a row with
3 other people, a lovely woman in her late 40s at the window, an empty
seat, me, the aisle, a beautiful Indian woman, an empty seat and some
guy who fell asleep on the window as soon as he sat down.  No crying
babies, no kids kicking my seat, no rotund dude spilling over the
armrest into my lap; I count that a win.  When I got the Chicago to
switch planes, I actually saw one of the guys who works with Wizards
of the Coast, and we chatted for a while - he even recognized me from
last year, and asked about my son not coming.  There was also a
super-cute college girl sitting near me, we kept having eye-contact
moments with a smile - I know I am a dork, but it made me feel good to
get a smile from such a cute young woman.  Steve (yep, the same gangly
kid from Lebanon growing up) and Heather picked me up at the airport,
and we went over to the hotel to get ready for the coming 4 days of

I was scheduled to run games for the first 4 slots of the show, but
they were adventures that I ran at GenCon last year, so I was very
comfortable with them.  They went really well: people had fun, dice
were rolled, monsters were killed.  Not the best set of players ever -
a handful of people who liked to meta-game the encounters a bit more
than I find fun, on either side of the DM Screen, but it didn't go too
badly.  The next day I was playing all day - the big Battle
Interactive, preceded by a rescue mission into a fortress full of
creepy eel people.  I played my "Knight in Shining Armor" Paladin for
both, and got a really great DM for the first adventure.  She was new
to DMing at conventions, and I had helped her out a little on
Wednesday night.  She ran the game really well, the table had a good
interplay and everything was really fun.  The big Battle Interactive
this year was to defend a city populated by Sea Elves, and I was
seated at a table with Steve and Heather - plus a husband-wife couple
that I really wish I had never met.  The adventure itself was great -
lots of cool battles, good challenges, interesting combats and a
choice of where in the city we wanted to help save.  The party was a
bit of a mess and the players of two of the party members had no
interest in listening to anyone or working as a team.  The DM was
inexperienced, but also unfamiliar with the rules and the adventure,
and was seriously lacking in "table presence".  I will get another
chance to play it with my local group at the end of February, so I
look forward to a better experience then, but the table was a low
point of the weekend, even though I liked the adventure.

The next day I was playing mostly games set in the desert world of
Athas, where the gods are dead and metal is rare.  We got lucky in
that the adventure was run by one of the people in charge of the
campaign, and sitting with us were two D&D adventure writers.  My monk
just barely got out of that adventure with his skin intact - literally
as close as one can get to having a dead character without actually
dying.  It was great.  By this, the third day, there was some really
good feedback about the adventure I helped write and was premiering at
the show.  Sadly, one table apparently ran it completely wrong, thanks
to a bad DM, but most people called it the highlight of the trilogy,
which makes me feel great.  Saturday I also had a chance to be in the
first public playtest of the newest edition of D&D, there is an NDA
(Non-Disclosure Agreement) so I can't say much about the actual
details, but I really dislike the direction they are going - sharply
backwards.  The game itself was really fun, since we had one of the
key guys at Wizards running the table, and a couple of web-comic
authors at the table with us.  There were hijinks, outright Orcish
brutality, slave girls, fireballs and lots of laughing.  On one hand,
pure role playing fun, on the other hand, not a game that I have a lot
of interest in playing much.

Sunday was the last day of the convention, and I took the hotel's
shuttle back to the airport.  Free wi-fi and a long gap between the
shuttle and the plane meant I finished season one of Downton Abbey -
SOOO good!  Back to Chicago, and the same cute girl from Chicago->Fort
Wayne was on this flight, too!  Turns out she was home for a long
weekend, then going out to Montana - college, as I assumed at first,
and warm fuzzies from a smile of recognition.  I'm such a dork.
Flight back from Chicago to Boston was not as good as it could have
been.  Two rows in front of me was a small family: father, mother
across the aisle from each other, and their perhaps 9 month old baby
on Dad's lap.  Crying.  The whole time.  Oh, and someone puked just
after we got airborn.  I would have guessed the baby, but the smell
had me gagging every few minutes the rest of the flight, every time I
caught a wiff of the puke.  I hate that smell, even more than the
crying.  Anyway, I got home in really good time - plane landed a bit
early, got to my car quickly and easily, no traffic.  I saw the kids
off to school on Monday, and that was the past week.

I will try to get next week's actually at the end of the week, but who
knows with me...