Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rachel's Exciting Week

Rachel has had more than her fair share of excitement this past week.

On Tuesday, she took her first dance class. I've been considering putting her in a class for a long time now but I had trouble justifying another activity for me when she's so happy to put on music and dance around the house...

In any case, it was a huge hit and as you can see they don't simply spin around to music here. I love how intense her face is in this shot. The second half of class is tap and she has the most adorable tap shoes in the world. So little and shiny!

On Thursday, we headed to the district headquarters and registered for KINDERGARTEN. Can you imagine? My BABY is five and going to school in the fall. She is so cute and sweet. Shortly before we went to register she asked me very seriously in her little voice, "What if I'm not prepared for Kindergarten?"

Oh, sweet girl. So serious. So concerned. So ready. A better question would be regarding Mom's readiness. Can I be a "stay-at-home mom" when there's no one at home with me?!

And then today Rachel was able to wear her new outfit from Jane and Ruby (homemade by Annee) that was sent to celebrate turning 5. Oh, how she loves it and the matching bag. I may have created a monster as far as her fashion needs go. As long as she still gets down and dirty to play I think she can hate jeans as much as she wants...

Here she is at preschool showing everyone how a mom looks to hit the town. Well done.

There's nothing like a fabulous new frock from the other side of the world to throw you back into blogging! Thanks, Annee. It's perfect for Rachel!