Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This House Has Soul

"A home without books is a body without soul." --Cicero

I have a 2010 calendar book by Mary Engelbreit that includes a quote each week, mostly about homes and family life. I really like this quote because I love books so much and imagine I will always collect children's books.

Here are some pictures of our new library (which is only six months or so in the making and more than four years in the planning)...

I were choosing everything myself, we would have the smaller iMac. But alas it's all about compromises. And apparently feeling like I could run the world from my very own desk.

This is the wall that used to have Rachel's bed against it.

This is the nook where Rachel's makeshift closet lived. We're waiting for a giant chalkboard to arrive for the wall.

After the quartz countertop was installed in the corner we decided we needed the same for our inexpensive (aka: ugly) desk from AFW. It's perfect for the desk and really ties everything together. Jake's handy work in woods class brings us this beautiful pen holder. Thanks, Jake!

It's thrilling to have it done and to feel like this house really reflects some of me now.

We had wood floors put in here too and the rest of the wood refinished to match. I love them. Much less shiny and yellow. Did I mention that it's great to be done?!

It's obvious
we have books! Come on over and borrow one.

P.S. -- The "cabinet lady" coined it the "library" instead of office. I like it even though it's a bit pretentious. I don't think I'm very pretentious otherwise so I'm going to chance it and call it my library. So there.

P.P.S. -- Don't comment if you disagree and think I am pretentious. I don't want to hear it.