Monday, January 26, 2009

This is What 4 Looks Like...

Lots of twirling

Loves helium balloons with a reckless passion.

On Rachel's birthday she woke to a room full of balloons and brought treats to preschool. As soon as the boys were home from school, we went to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. We left there to hurry to the church for Cub Scout pack meeting. A busy, fun-filled day.

Throwing yet another tea party. Gosh, she's quite the hostess!

She opened presents throughout the day and was even convinced to take a brief nap on her new birthday pillowcase from Grammy Lois.

The pillowcase was actually Rachel's idea about a week before her birthday. She said to me, "I know what Grammy Lois is getting me." And that peaked my interest. "She's making me a birthday pillowcase with a cake and candles on it." Must call Mom ASAP. That's a project she could do, but is there time? Looks like she found the time. It's really beautiful and much loved. Thanks, Grammy!

But of course celebrating doesn't stop there. We had cake a couple of nights later when Dave could be home. And then the friends' party was on the following Saturday.

These are pictures of Rachel getting ready for the party. Four-year-olds have lots more to worry about before a party than in previous years...

There's sparkly shoes to wear, "Princess shoes,"

fingernails to polish,

and of course, lip gloss to apply.

All set. Ready to party.

First, cupcakes to devour.

Next, costumes to don.

Parades to be held.

Lastly, games to play.

Molly Coddles does a great job of entertaining and delighting the young-girl crowd.

We missed Ruby and Jane and think "they are taking too long to come home." But they sent some love our way with a package that included the perfect outfit for the new 4-year-old. Thank you so much, Annee!
A perfect twirling skirt.


carrie said...

she is so cute!!!! i can't wait to show the girls this post. the clothes are to die for! it makes me want another girl. oh well a boy will be cute too, he better be! it looks like she had a good week of a birthday. i wished we lived closer.

Laura said...

Oh no! Did we miss her party?!?! I remember you asking if Hayley could come. But was it while we were gone? I'm so sorry if I spaced it!

Anonymous said...

good job blogging about rachel's birthday. Thanks for the pictures of the pillowcase,it made the panic mode worth it. the party looked really fun. she is such a cute little girl. 4 to 5 goes really fast!!! does knowing your not alone with the winter blues help? i guess it does me. take care love MOM

Coon Family said...

Love the photos and have been checking daily for them. Tell Anne she should make her own line of little girl clothes! She is the sewing queen. Rachel looks too cute and Brooklyn was excited to see her reading her books after the party.

Annee said...

Oh!! I love seeing all of it. How the girls would have loved parading about in Princess garb. We really are taking a long time to come home!! Although as soon as winter is over, I'm really going to feel like we have turned the corner.

Love seeing the 4-year-old outfit on her. That's very gratifying. Her pillow case is also a treasure. What a talented grandma you have.

forgotgingkoba said...

Of course Rachel is adorable. (She looks just like you, Kim!) But the real question is: Does Annee do clothes for other ages? I'm 47 and I like twirly skirts. She could add the 7 after the 4. I'm thinking it's the perfect outfit for Sacrament Meeting...