Saturday, February 7, 2009

January 21st in Colorado Springs 2009

This is what it looked like for three whole days in the end of January in our neck of the woods. It was an amazing, beautiful week. We went to the park twice as well as to the zoo.

We met our friends at the zoo, at one point it reached 70 degrees. The kids were all so thrilled to be outside playing that we didn't actually spend that much time watching the animals. It was a spectacular day in the middle of winter.

Five days later, on January 26, this is what it looked like. We'll take it and not complain if we can have a few more sunny days in February. If Mother Nature can manage to keep breaking it up for us, we'll survive winter storms into April, which is likely to happen. There's only been one so-called snow day so far this school year so that is also great.

And the truth is, what the world needs now is more snow angels and less complaining. So thanks, Colorado, we'll smile if you bring us lots more snow (that is until April 15th, and then the smiles and thanks are gone and we'll expect some springtime joy) and we'll continue to make angels and snowmen to show our winter love.

I love winter in the Rockies. Most of the time.


Becky said...

I think you are right--we do need a lot more snow angels and less complaining.

Annee said...

The blue sky picture is killing me. So are the 70 degree days in January!