Saturday, February 14, 2009

California Dreamin'

Grandma and Papa came for a visit so Dave and I could head to California for a little kid-break. The kids had a great time and Rachel is still calling me "grandma" from time to time. I know how sweet and exhausting Rachel can be so I'm sure they had fun visiting and were ready to recover after four days of fun.

I love that Sadie has to be right in the middle of everything here, like always.

Dave planned this trip a while ago, knowing that the winter blues start to set in for him about this time (he is from Southern California...). Well, ironically, the weather here in Colorado was lovely while we were slammed with rain three of the four days there.

At The Harbor Grill where Dave had his first job as a busboy 23 years ago. Looks the same.

Nonetheless, we hit In-N-Out, Trader Joe's, fabulous sushi (found with my iphone app, Urbanspoon), The Harbor Grill, and shopped the sales at South Coast Plaza (what I really mean is shopped at Sears). My iphone proved to be invaluable with the GPS and google maps action.

We also hooked up with some of Dave's buddies from high school. He even managed to get out surfing with Nick, whom we haven't seen in more than 12 years!

Fun vacation inspite of the rain, rain, rain.

Does anyone recognize the church in the distance? We sure didn't at first, "Is that one of the missions, Dave?" But then as we passed I recognized a golden angel on top rather than a cross. Duh.


Kim E. said...

Newport Beach Temple!! I kind of cheated since I knew you had gone to Newport Beach, then I had to double-check myself at Too bad about the rain. Hopefully we will have nice weather when we go to Disneyland.