Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time flies

I have been feeling terribly nostalgic lately. It seems my kids are growing up so fast. I can't seem to wrap my brain around how quickly time flies.

It's not all "wine and roses" (as the expression goes), but it does seem to be sailing by very quickly. Rachel tells me nearly every day about something that she has "learned in preschool" (whether or not that is accurate is another story) but it makes me realize how independent she's becoming and how much other people are beginning to influence her.

Ben has stories every single day of his antics at school, as well as those of his friends and the ever changing sagas surrounding their third-grade crushes. Oh, man. Things are moving quickly with him.

Jake departed today for school in a rush. His parting words (and actually his ONLY words to me today) were "I Hate You." I was not offended at all and not surprised either. Dave was here for the farewell and he couldn't understand it. To me it was par for the course because Jake obviously was running late and probably was tired. He often blames me for things when life gets stressful. Didn't we all do that at that age?

I know he loves me and knows I love him. Even when he can't manage to say anything nice.

Facebook has been funny lately with all the pictures from my youth. Here's one from when I was in seventh or eighth grade.

Mom, I probably owe you an apology for being such a pill while I survived my early teen years. Sorry for blaming you for everything. Also, sorry that I ever called myself "fat". (I honestly don't remember ever being that skinny!)
I'll be looking forward to an apology from Jake in 25 years or so. Somehow, I know that's just around the corner...


Anonymous said...

you were always skinny and you still are. wait for 20 years and look back at now. It's not pretty so enjoy your youth. I love the 80's who doesn't? very cute blog. Love you MOM

Laura said...

You are amazing at taking life and rolling with the punches. I probably would've cried after he left. I fully expect to cry when one of my children first tells me they hate me and want to go live with their "real" mom. After taking a class from you on house cleaning, and perfect laundering, I'm signing up for your guilt-free motherhood course. You're awesome! :)

Annee said...

I ditto your sentiments exactly right now. I think it has something to do with the baby turning 4. At least that's what's doing it for me. And the thing is, I don't want to go back at all. I'm so pleased and proud with the progress, but it's always nostalgic remembering back to the bygone days. Right?

Which one are you in the picture? I'll have to go to Facebook to see which one shows your "tag".

Kim said...

I'm the one in the ridiculously short skirt.

Kurt Uccello said...

Where was that 8th grade pic taken??? I LOVE it by the way! LOL!!!!