Monday, January 14, 2008

Rachel is THREE!

Can you believe Rachel is 3? The last year has gone super fast. She was a fantastic two-year-old; after she decided to talk rather than scream...She's such a sweet girl(maybe a bit too bossy sometimes.) The next year promises to be fun and challenging as she has so many opinions about everything and yet still wants to be "The Baby" when it's convenient.

Her party was great fun and only had a brief moment when all 4 girls were crying. Dave caught it on video and I'll try to upload it later.


peecan said...

Rachel is looking so much like you! Did she get the princess one?

Kimberly Kolan Newton said...

She did! A box of dresses and a collection of shoes. In some of the photos she's wearing one of the "princess ones". During the party she just up and stripped and put it on. Boys do NOT do things like that...I can't even get Jake and Ben to wear pajamas to bed anymore, (too much work) they simply sleep in their clothes-ughh!