Friday, January 18, 2008

Ben's "Star Attraction"

Today, Ben has to bring in a suitcase filled with things to show his class. He has various trophies and medals from basketball, cross-country, baseball and soccer, a favorite book, his piano book, drumsticks from Rock Band, a football, a lego bionicle, various video games, and his collection of Harley-Davidson motorcycle models. That is Ben in a suitcase, apparently...The things were all his own picks and I think he did a great job showing his diverse interests. What a great kid! Ben, you're a star every week in our house.


eganautomotivefamily said...

We loved your blog. The kids are all growing-up so fast. Rachel has changed the most visually. We can't believe all the hair she has and her cute little bangs. I'm glad your family will be able to take a fun warm vacation. I officially hate sub-zero temps. I can deal with all other types of weather but those sub-zero's are miserable. We loved Ben's suitcase and can't believe Jake is 12. Thank for your blog. We hope all is well with your family. Love, The Egans

Kimberly Kolan Newton said...

We're so glad to hear from you. It seems like it's been a long time, but only in terms of days off of school and 24-hour stomach bugs.
Can we look forward to YOU starting your own blog soon?
How was your Christmas and New Year's?
When is a good time to chat?
We need to catch up, except I don't know what interesting things I have to say other than what's on my blog! Talk to you soon, hopefully.