Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jake's First Day of Seventh Grade

Yesterday was Jake's first day of school because they have the sixth graders start without the big, mean seventh and eighth graders on the first day. Jake informed me he had earned Thursday off after seven years of hard work at school. If only it worked that way...I may have a day off coming to me.

More classic shots on the front porch.

In honor of the dreaded return to school the weather was cold and rainy. In fact, it was the wettest, dreariest day we've had all year! Nice of Mother Nature to commisserate so well with Jake. He woke up in plenty of time but nearly missed the bus because he took such a long shower!

Jake's favorite teacher so far is Mr. Howard, his math teacher. Mr. Ortiz, his science teacher, seems pretty nice too. Right now Jake's big stess is football. We'll see how it goes and keep you posted.


Annee said...

Jake looks like he has grown a few inches! And most importantly, did Ben's hair stay coiffed all day long? Or did he come home with it in his eyes? Can't wait to see the pictures from Rachel's first day of school! Wish we were there.

Kim said...

The stuff we use in Ben's hair makes it stay up all day and night! He wakes up with it still hawked up.