Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ben's First Day of Third Grade

Today started out quite cold but then warmed up and then ended very cool. Classic Colorado weather actually. Beautiful blue skies nearly all day. Ben did not seem nervous but he was up before 7am, without his alarm clock, so there may have been a few excited nerves...

Classic shots on the front porch.

Close up of "the hair." Here comes trouble...

Some donut heaven provided by the Senkoffs. Thanks so much!

"No worries. Peace out Mom."

The very back of the bus--we're BIG third graders now!

At the flag raising ceremony with Cutter.

The report when he returned home was "My teacher is hilarious!"
Now for Ben, that is the biggest compliment he could give.
We're so happy that was the initial report. Also, the assigned homework was RJP in the planner.

That stands for Run, Jump, Play. I like her already! Ms. Rexrode, or as the kids are allowed to call her, Rex, may be one of the best answers to our prayers in a long time.
P.S. Ben ate four slices of Tilamook cheddar cheese with a huge pile of crackers immediately after walking through the door. Followed by a gogurt and then a can of chicken noodle soup and a nectarine. Somehow he still managed to eat a slice of calzone for dinner with a can of lemonade. All this between 4 and 5:45pm. He had soccer camp with his team at 6pm. Apparently school makes third graders VERY HUNGRY. Note to Mom: Buy more food!