Thursday, August 28, 2008

Education Week 2008

Oh, how I love BYU. It's the most beautiful campus in the world to me. I enjoyed so many fabulous times there as a full-time college student and continue to feel renewed and inspired every time I visit for Education Week.

I truly missed my family--and I think they even missed me a bit--but it was so fun to be with some of my dear friends and make some new ones this year. We spent hours talking and laughing and even crying with each other. There's nothing like a whole week of Ladies' Nights Out to make you feel giddy and young again.



I got some great information, and of course inspiration, to do better as a mother and wife. Can I write off the expenses as "job-related"?

Here are some of my take-home lessons:

  • I will try to "use the least amount of force necessary" to get my kids to comply.

  • I will try not to "escalate" the situation with yelling.

  • I will show increased negotiation skills--that is not a weakness!

  • I will give "second chances"again and again and again; as the Savior does with me.
None of this is really new information, especially to good, kind parents, but it will be helpful at our house if I can do better on these.

Huge THANKS to Dave for taking on the kids during their first full week of school, we all know what that can entail. Love you tons, you're a GREAT Dad!


Jennifer said...

I'm so happy that you had a great time and got to see your dear friends. It makes look forward even more to my BYUH reunion this September.

Darin said...

I honestly have a lump in my throat looking at the beautiful picture you took of the Brigham Young statue and the adm. building behind him. It is the most beautiful college campus. I'm so glad you got to go.

Annee said...

Darin definitely doesn't have a lump in his throat over a picture from the BYU campus. That was meant to be from me!

Jill said...

I'm glad you got to go have a lovely time frolicking with other cute young moms, reliving the glory days of wine and roses, no, KoolAid and dandelions, no that came later, Diet Coke and sunflowers, is that right? I'm not jealous at all. (sob) I'm not! I'm not! (Can you hand me a tissue?)

I am, however, stupid. I have been trying since Wednesday to email you because I've lost your phone number but the message I keep getting is that I'm not allowed to go to your email address ( because of restrictions I've placed on my computer. Hmmmm. The only thin we did when we set up our new ISP was to block words like "*%*&)" and "#*&%@" and have them all replaced with the word "Nephite". What exactly is on your email address from which I need to be protected???! It never tells me "Nephite", just "Blocked by restrictions..." Please contact me some way to make me smarter! Consider it an act of service!
Jill Gerrish: 801.544.3534;801.577.3970;; (for a few weeks). Help!!!!

Laura said...

I couldn't agree more!! I will always love BYU - for so many reasons!!! I'm really quite inspired by your take home messages (mostly the one you shared during VT - #4). What a profound thought; it seems like it should be common sense - but it's not always easy to remember those precious bits of truth. I'll have to try Education Week one of these years.

Bret and Sarah said...

Oh Kim. I am so glad that I got to see you while you were here! Thank you so much for such a fun day! Man, I miss ya!