Sunday, August 3, 2008

Boy Scout Camp 2008

Jake went to "Camp A" (as it is referred to by the scouting families in the know) for a week in July. July 21st-26th to be exact.

I was worried about how filthy he would get on the trip for good reason. Here is a picture of him kissing Rachel hello and she is saying, "oh, you stink, Jake!" We missed him so much but maybe not as much as he missed us.

He left at 5:30am on Monday morning and on Monday night at 8pm I received a text message reading "Its bad here its not fun. is dad comeing. Love you" Well, needless to say, that did not make me feel better about sending him off for a week!

I could not get a hold of him by phone so I texted back what I thought would be an encouraging message and broke it to him that Dave would not be coming up.

The next night we got a message from him on our answering machine sounding a bit pathetic, but again he was out of reach to return the call. Shortly after that, his cell phone ran out of juice and he managed to "work it out". Maybe the no cell phones rule is a good one?

He returned home on Saturday having been awarded the "Best Camper" award by his fellow troop mates and having earned three merit badges and started two more. We're so happy it turned out to be a "mostly good" experience--our prayers were answered yet again on Jake's behalf. You make us so proud Jake! I love that you do so many things that are tough.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jake congradulations on surviving scout camp. I'm proud of you. Keep thinking about the end result of getting your EAGLE. Your're a good kid. I miss you Grammy Lois

Laura said...

Oh, that's tough on the old Mommy heart-strings to get a text AND a message!! I'm glad he toughed it out and had fun despite the rocky start.