Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grammy Lois Visits

My mom came out for a week to see us and then she headed to Utah for some time with her sisters and high school friends. Those are some enduring friendships!

We went to the Flying W Ranch, Garden of the Gods, the North Pole, and the Current outlet sale. All Colorado Springs highlights. The weather was beautiful (for the most part) and we were able to really showcase our wonderful home state.

She brought me a skirt, the perfect black shorts, handmade crafts, and pictures. She cleaned out my junk drawers (that's right, more than one-don't judge!). We sure love our G-Lo.
Once a mom, always a mom. I think that is what I've finally figured out about motherhood. Although I'm all grown up and raising my own kids, my mom still thinks of me as her child. It's funny but I can see how that works now that I have a teenager. He's still my kid to love and protect even though he is growing up...Let's hear it for eternal families and our eternal roles in them.


Lori said...

Very well put!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again I had a wonderful time playing with my gandkids. Co
is a beautiful place to visit. Miss you all. G-lo