Monday, August 24, 2009

Dave's First Day of "School" at Air Academy High

Dave is a new seminary teacher for the high-school-aged kids in our church. Which means he has to be on the Air Force Academy base by 6am with a lesson for 15 teenage students. A lesson based on church doctrine that will somehow not bore them to tears and make it worth their time to arrive at 6am before a long school day. Daunting.

I dare say now that he has started the assignment it is downright exhausting. Though he does admit it is spiritually rewarding.

It's a sacrifice for our whole family really, since he has to spend time preparing each day (not to mention the alarm and hullabaloo of getting ready before 5am). We're happy he is willing to serve. Blessings in heaven are accruing. (Is that how it works?)


Becky said...

Tons of blessings are accruing I am sure. I will bet he does a great job--tell him to use his skateboarding talent as part of a lesson someday. The kids would enjoy that.