Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do You Like Rachel's Outfit?

We call it the "wander-off-from-the-playground-during-a-huge-soccer-tournament-and-cost-my-parents-years-of-their-lives" outfit.

Cute, huh?

Dave and I were watching Ben's soccer game while Rachel played on the playground directly next to our soccer field. Probably twenty feet away.

I checked on her every five minutes and when I realized she wasn't there I went immediately into freak-out mode. I screamed to Dave and got him and a bunch of people looking for her. It's not like her to wander off. She was NOWHERE in the immediate vicinity. The security of the park mobilized and started checking vehicles and not letting anyone leave without checking. It was 11 minutes from when I last saw her to when I called 911 (I had checked my watch the last time I saw her.) It was a nightmare.

A security person found her waaaaaay on the other side of the park complex playing in some marshy water with a stick. She hadn't been there long she said. She was walking there probably most the time we were looking for her. She wasn't aware she was lost and wasn't upset a bit.

Too bad she has to retire the outfit. The general rule is that once an outfit has been described to a 911 dispatcher, it's out of the rotation. I know my mom is thinking I don't watch her close enough and my sister is thinking it would never happen to her kids. Probably true, but what can I say? We're not perfect. I think I'm going to go throw up now.

Let's hope next week is better. (You may notice my car bumper is squashed. I did that this week too. Additionally, I had a major combative confrontation at church on Wednesday night with a bully Jake's age. Helluva week.)
Let's shoot for more happy recaps for tomorrow...


Becky said...

So scary. That is a nightmare I have not had to live through yet (knock on wood). I hope your upcoming week makes up for the lousiness you have had this past week! You deserve it.

Rob said...

Wow, sounds like an exciting week! Great to see you back blogging. As usual, I meant to call all weekend and failed. Don't sweat Rachel's wanderings - it is a good sign that she felt safe enough to go off on her own and a great chance to explain to her about doing it again.

Laura said...

Wow! I haven't been checking blogs lately and missed some hum dingers!! Rachel wandering off, a fender bender, and a confrontation with a bully!! All in one week?!?! Why aren't you drinking yet?