Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jake's First Day of School

Jake started eighth grade on Tuesday. As I expected, he did not return home with a glowing report.

He'll be taking Spanish and digital media this year and he has a goal to get all A's. I know he can do it. The question is: can I let him figure out how to get it done without adding my two-cents? I hate to see him procrastinate but I need to let him do it his way this year. No nagging.

The reward will be an XBOX 360 for three quarters of A's. Seems like a generous deal. I might make him pay half. The real privilege earned here is the fact that I am considering letting another game system enter my home. That is generous.

I'm happy to report that after school on Friday Jake was able to admit that he likes a majority of his teachers. It's not going to be such a terrible year after all...

I sure love that kid!


Rob said...

Good for you letting him earn another game system - I'm still not sure how your kids have time to play them. I've got a bunch of 360 games that I can probably give him, if he is interested (and earns the system). Why is it that rewarding good behavior is so much harder than punishing bad behavior?

Anonymous said...

jake, hope your liking school. but i do need to know why you are wearing that funny hat?
grammy lois