Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Costa Rica June 2009

Our big family vacation this year was to the lovely beach town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica in the Guanacasta region. It was tropical and gorgeous.

We drove from the city of San Jose to the coast so that we could score a direct flight from Denver. It was great to drive through the country and see the topography and vegetation. We will definitely see some volcanoes the next time we visit.
Some people might say the drive was a bit too long, but whatever.

(They sold large decorative pots here, but Dave couldn't resist a few pictures with the sign.)
Dave declared it his favorite family vacation ever...

Rachel paddles out.

Waiting for a set.

Riding one in with Dad.

Really, how can you compete with surfing every morning followed by teaching your kids to surf? There's nothing better than having your kids love something that you love. And let's be clear, these kids love the ocean like none other. I've never seen anything quite like it really. They LOVE LOVE LOVE the ocean. Especially for kids who live in a land-locked state!

Here Rachel is on her back floating away after she and Dave got worked on the surfboard. "No worries, Dad. I'm wearing a life vest and I love salt water up my nose."

One morning as we walked to the beach Ben could be heard saying, "Oh, those look so good." As is Ben's habit, I assumed he saw a souvenir or food item that he wanted. When I asked him what had caught his eye he replied, "The waves. It's gonna be a great day to surf." I'm not sure anything could make Dave prouder than recognizing clean waves...

For some reason, that I could never understand, Ben loves to do handstands in the ocean. He spent hours upside down out there.
I am going to blame my camera for the fact that I don't have any better pictures of Jake surfing. It's true. It is a lame camera for action shots in water. Jake is the only person who loves the water as much as Dave. That's a lot of love.

We saw the rainforest on horseback and thanks to Dave's fluent Spanish, Dave made a new friend. I wish I could say that he scored as well on the snorkeling tour he booked us, but I was afraid for my life on the jalopy of a boat that took us away from civilization, without a trace of our existence. All's well that ends well. Hah! Note to self: do NOT prepay ANY amount and tell someone where you're off to before you leave.
Lola's is the restaurant to NOT MISS. Right on the beach. Great food and smoothies.
Warm and humid.
Beautiful Costa Rica. We'll be back.


Becky said...

Beautiful! Costa Rica suits your family well! Next time, take me with you.

Coon Family said...

What a fun, fun trip! Love the side stories, they all seemed so Newton! Also awesome job on the talk! You know you do well when others are quoting or referring to you latter on in the day!
Avy's Mom!

David Newton (Dad) said...

I better not look at those pictures this winter or I might have to just sneak on back to Costa Rica. We sure had fun in the water, despite various cuts, scrapes, bruises, and lots of drinking saltwater. Kim failed to mention she rode a boogie board. Next time we'll get her on a surfboard !

Anonymous said...

What a grat vacation. you people make me tired just watching your pictures. But then again I know that vacationing with the Newtons is not for the faint hearted. Love you guys you deserve a great get away because you work so hard.
mom g-lo