Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quick Bear Lake Trip

The kids and I made a quick trip to Bear Lake earlier this month (Aug 7- 10). Mertz and Bertha were making an impromptu trip and wanted to see the kids so we loaded up and drove over for a long weekend.

My grandma and grandpa were happy to see us but my grandma was so frail I hardly recognized her. Her health has been declining for a while now but this was a shocking difference from a year ago. Grandpa seemed stronger and healthier than ever, which is good since he needs to care for grandma. Getting old is not for sissies. I couldn't bear to take any pictures with them.

The highlight for Ben was at the Bear Lake West club. They were hosting the Lamborghini Club of North America for lunch at the same time we were having lunch. What a thrill (for Ben) to see 40+ Lamborghinis in one place!

Sometimes I wonder where this kid came from...with my mini van and Dave's Camry we must really cramp his style.

(There, Ben, I posted the Lamborghini pictures. I know, I know. Finally.)


Rob said...

I can see it now, Ben in his convertible Lamborghini, top down, cranking the Rock Band soundtrack, driving too fast. Seems to fit him. You should still have 6 years before you have to worry too much, right?