Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Celebrate

In December we celebrate Dave's birthday and Jake's birthday. We also celebrate Dave's dad's birthday and my nephew's birthday and my sister's birthday. Though we don't do much to SHOW our celebration to our out-of-town loved ones we celebrate with prayers and thanksgiving and many happy thoughts sent their way. We know it's not the same as a fancy card or gift, but it's what we offer.

Some people complain about birthdays at this time of year because it's so close to Christmas but I feel lucky. Of course, Dave is impossible to buy for no matter what the occasion, so there will always be that dilemma, but I love focusing on family traditions and celebrations while I'm in the mode.

This year Jim and Sharon were here for Papa's 65th birthday. He makes qualifying for the senior discount look easy. We took them to our favorite local restaurant, Marigold's.
One of the highlights was when we ordered dessert (duh). Ben was able to enjoy creme brulee for the first time. This doesn't seem like it would be a significant event except that Ben has been saying that he wants creme brulee for a couple of years now. In fact it's his go-to answer when asked what he wants to eat almost any time. A sort of standing joke with him. "What should we make for lunch?" "Creme brulee!" He insisted we document the occasion and I'll have to admit I celebrated a little that he actually liked it after all the talk. Delicious.

For Dave's celebratory dinner we had chicken piccata and carrot cake with extra nuts and cream cheese frosting. Yum.

Here's to celebrating those we love with food, gifts, prayers, and occasional text messages.


Laura said...

I seriously need to get a LOT more recipes from you! That piccata looks great!