Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don't get shocked

The energy in our house is downright electric. I can't say I remember having things so keyed up before (as a parent) so early in the week. Since Sunday the kids have been absolutely giddy. The packages continue to arrive from our beloved family and Amazon. Treats are being delivered from our friends and neighbors. All the while we're baking and wrapping up a storm. It's really quite exciting. I'm hoping when Christmas arrives we don't all feel disappointed...but of course that's just silly because we've never been disappointed.

Rachel is a little skeptical of this guy. But she has asked for a swimming baby.

Dave has this whole week off (again? you might say, yes, again!). We love to have him here for all the merrymaking, plus the new skate park is officially open. That may be adding to the giddiness. He is IN LOVE with Team Pain's self-proclaimed "masterpiece".

Here we are at the grand opening ceremony on December 13. Sort of a belated birthday present to Dave from the city of Colorado Springs. Happy day.

We painted our ceramic ornaments yesterday and it was great fun. As the kids get older they appreciate more of the traditions we keep and it makes it even more special.

The favorite tradition by far though is "promises". At the start of the month I fill an advent calendar's pockets with promises of things to do or allow for that day. It takes a bit of planning and commitment in the execution but it is the kids' favorite thing in December. I try to promise things that I would like us to do anyway, like ceramics or gingerbread houses or driving to see the lights. This year's favorite promise was a trip to the grocery store where the kids could pick out 5 items each. The boys got their own cart and a spending limit. It was way better than when I have taken them in the past (this summer) and they stay with me and ask for things every ten seconds. They got to see how much their junk really costs, make some careful choices and have fun. Promises make the whole month a delight. (I have a story that goes along with the whole concept, from my mom, if anyone wants a copy.)

Oh, the love and anticipation! Electric.


Becky said...

I love the grocery store idea! My kids would love that. And such a good lesson in economics.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

HI Kim,
This is your cousin Brooke. I was really excited to get your Christmas card in the mail the other day and even more excited to see that you had a blog! It was so fun to look at your pictures and read your posts. I don't have a blog...yet but you have inspired me;-) Have a VERY Merry Christmas and keep in touch. My new address is:
655 W 1340 S Payson, Utah 84651.
Love, Brooke

Kurt Uccello said...

Is that Brittney Spears next to dave and jake????

Laura said...

I didn't know the promises were part of an advent calendar. I really like that idea. I'd love a copy of the story. Also, whenever you get a minute, can I get a copy of Dave's Indian recipe. I've already forgotten the name of it - whatever I had at Mirch Masala. Thanks!!!