Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Season Procrastination

People often mention that Rachel and I look a lot alike. I think it's sweet that my little girl looks like me when I was little. I realize it will probably not always be true so I enjoy it now.

This post proves that she is like Dave in a very concrete, undeniable way--she knows and embraces the art of procrastination.

On December 23rd Rachel, Dave and I were at the mall for Dave's last minute shopping and for Rachel and Dave to get hair cuts. Rachel was watching Santa from behind the fence as we have done many, many times this Christmas season when she announced that she MUST sit on his lap. We have been to the mall since Santa has been camped out there no less than 20 times. Each time she would stare from afar and tell me that she was NOT going to sit on his lap. But at 6pm on December 23rd she decided she must see him up close and personal.

Now the line was winding around the mall and I was ready to go home. Rachel threw a fit as only she can do, chanting over and over again while crying inconsolably, "but I want to see him."

Some of you may not have any children who can throw mind-boggling fits, I was in your ranks until Rachel arrived, but this was one to make note of..."but I want to, but I want to." Relentless and very loud.

I got her to the car and distracted her somehow and said that maybe in the morning we could try to come back to see Santa. Little did I know that she would awaken on Christmas Eve morning and ask to go to the mall right away. She's my baby so what could I say? We'll go to the mall, right? No big deal. We'll see Santa and then have the rest of the day to look forward to his visit...We arrived at 10:20 expecting to be near the front of the line only to find that 30 families were ahead of us and Santa wasn't due to arrive until 11am. Uh oh. Rachel is not the most patient person alive. Dave rescued us after he finished at the skate park and brought some lemonade. We made it to see THE MAN where she asked for a puppy dog and swimming baby. No surprises there-whew. We were out of there by 12:30.

Little did we know that she would be so thrilled with the gifts she asked for and received from the big guy. She actually knew what she wanted and was not just influenced by TV commercials. I never knew how many people wait to see Santa on December 24th. That was crazy but worth it. I sure love her in spite of her procrastinating ways! (The tantrums I could live without.)


Becky said...

What a good memory to preserve--and you are a good mom for taking her back. I probably wouldn't have done that!

Annee said...

So did she get a new puppy?!!

I can't believe so many people were there so early! I love the Chapel Hills Mall Santa. He's worth visiting.