Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jake's Cell Project

Jake had to make a 3-D model of a cell for science class. As with many school projects this typically involves some help from the parents. If I didn't weigh in on these things I'm afraid of what he would destroy in the process. I'll have to admit that it is getting easier to let him do it himself since I trust him with the hot glue gun and Dave lets him use the drill. Both were employed in this project.

Can we save these for when Ben goes to 7th grade?


Becky said...

SO true about trusting them with the projects. I had to nearly bite my tongue off about Katie's latest book report presentation. I helped her make the poster, but did not want to do all the work for her. A week prior I about cried when Patrick ruined the look of the beautiful Wilbur Wright poster I helped him put together.

I am taking the kids to Denver for a visit to my brother in January. We want to stop by and see you guys on the way. Hope you'll be home.

carrie said...

very nice. i am not looking forward to that age group. i still remember the homework, yuck!

Kim said...

Becky, please stop by if you get the chance. We have nothing planned in January so we'll be here! I'd love to meet your kids.

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