Monday, December 15, 2008

Lots of Gingerbread Houses

Rachel is such a fun age. We went to playgroup at Lori's to make gingerbread houses and Rachel had a great time decorating hers. I couldn't believe how focused she stayed on the project. Our playgroup is full of so many darling kids. It's nice to be able to do such fun things together.

As per Newton family tradition, the next night, we decorated more houses for Dave's birthday. Dave shared with Ben this year and managed to get along nicely. We now have our own little village with candy leftover. Rachel continued to deck hers out and it now weighs as much as she does.


Annee said...

Of course Rachel gets to decorate gingerbread houses in a white cardigan. Nothing is off limits to the girl who's mother is super stain remover lady! Unbelievable. She is looking so very grown up. We sure miss our outstanding playgroup.

Merry Christmas!!