Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and More Pumpkins

Rachel has visited three pumpkin patches this fall.

One with our playgroup. It was windy and cold but still a lot of fun. The slide was super-fast and hot chocolate really hit the spot. Nothing like making memories with our friends!

Rachel sporting a "pink bat" on her face. What else would you want? Duh.

One was at her preschool. She is LOVING her teachers and all the arts and crafts at school. It was another cold day which is funny because they've been rather few and far between this fall. I guess we just know how to plan it.

The cows tried chasing us on our hayride. I think they're accustomed to having hay delivered by the hay trailer rather than nothing but loud preschool visitors...they really did get close enough to touch but I put my camera away to calm Rachel. She loves animals at the petting zoos but these seemed hungry and a bit angry. Yikes.

And lastly, one with the family up in Denver following one of Ben's soccer games. We ventured out to May Farms because we were already up in Arvada for the game and they advertised a corn maze. The maze was a lot of fun and the barrel train was suprisingly exciting. Even the boys had a good time.

Jake is old enough now to laugh at himself occasionally. Isn't that picture funny? Rachel is still laughing about this one. "Jake is funny on the tractor. He cracks me up." Yes, indeed.


Kim E. said...

Looks like loads of fun. Love the picture of Jake on the tractor. Fox thinks it looks like it should be on America's Funniest Videos.

Laura said...

Too fun! I agree - October magically becomes VERY busy!

I'm such a dork! I thought about your birthday on Halloween and never called or even posted on your Facebook! I'm sorry. I hope you had a GREAT birthday!!!!

forgotgingkoba said...

Apparently "dork-ness" is going around; I missed your birthday, too! Sorry!!!! I hope it was wonderful. I absolutely love Rachel's haircut and the picture of Jake cracked me up! Ben's birthday looked like so much fun!
I saw a news story on KSL about some dangers of family blogging that is open to the public. It might be prudent to check out their news story; I'm sure it's on their site. Anyway, November is my favorite month so I'm happy, too!