Thursday, October 2, 2008

September in Colorado

I have to admit that I love the fall weather here. I truly miss the foliage of Connecticut but there's nothing that beats the lovely blue skies and sunny, cool days of autumn here.

In addition to college football games, September also brings Lori's birthday. Here's a picture of some of my friends celebrating with her. Can you tell we have fun together-look at those smiles!

Trips to the zoo are also on the agenda in September (as long as you know not to visit the same day as Eagleview Middle School). We went on a day that was not busy at all. The animals along with Avery and Rachel provided lots of funny moments.

Autumn here is also filled with lots of soccer for Ben. He has practices twice a week, goalie clinic once a week and a game once a week. Whew. That makes for a lot of soccer. We love it almost as much as he does.

His team is undefeated so far this season(half way through) and he has done a great job in goal. Only one goal scored on him--he plays in goal every game for the first half! I may be getting an ulcer though while I watch. I have also lost my voice once screaming at the ref to call off-sides.

He insists on wearing his hair "hawked up" for the games because he thinks it intimidates the other team. He may be right because two penalty kicks were totally missed by one team when his hair was WAY UP--he didn't even have to try to get them because the kickers hit them so far wide. He says it was the hair that made them miss...

The last thing I can count on in September here is the annual elementary school walk-a-thon.
It starts off with a bang.

Rachel and Avery groove out to the stake-dance-hits of my youth.

Ben has fun while racking up some serious miles.

For Rachel, the fun is wearing off. Possibly a sugar crash happening here after cookies, brownies and kettle corn. (Glad this is such a "healthy" affair.) She would NOT move off the end of the slide. I finally had to remove her kicking and screaming.

Real exhaustion sets in for the girls.

Ben ends with a smile. He slept well that night. We sure love that kid!


Lori said...

Love all the pictures! and way to go Ben with the awesome soccer talent you have!

Annee said...

Thanks for all the pictures. It helps to not feel so far away!