Monday, October 13, 2008

Rachel's Animal Kingdom

Rachel and I went to the zoo again last week. This time we went with our playgroup friends. It was another beautiful day! Check out that bear.

Shortly after our last trip to the zoo, Rachel started behaving like animals. She woke up one morning and declared she was a birdie. All day long she insisted I call her "Birdie" instead of Rachel. I thought it was so cute. She did not ever forget though...She even slept in a "nest" she built for herself that night. All day there were questions regarding what birdies like and do. She cracks me up. The next morning she woke up and declared she was "Rachie" again.

The boys never did anything like this. Ben did have an imaginary friend though named E-I-O, just like Old MacDonald on the farm...this friend managed to commit all the crimes that might have been attributed to Ben at the time. Convenient.

So far Rachel has been a bird, a monkey, a spider(until that same morning she discovered a REAL spider in the sink-"that's BIG, Mom."), a kitty-cat, and a "nice wolf". Where does she get this stuff? A "nice wolf"?! (We spent time practicing the growl of a wolf if Haywood started hitting again in nursery. That'll show him. Grrrr.)

I look forward to many more trips to the zoo and more imaginative days at home...