Monday, October 6, 2008

Ben Turns NINE.

Holy cow. Ben is nine years old today. He's had a good birthday run so far and I'll have to admit I think I'm birthday-ed out for a while. It started on Friday with a trip to the local Tepanyaki restaurant with two of Ben's buddies and the whole family. We had cake after the delicious dinner and then all the boys headed to Mr. Biggs until about 11pm. JonJon went home after the adventures but Max stayed for a sleepover.

Saturday was a fun day at home with no soccer game and Jake's gift of a new Wii game for Ben. I watched General Conference and the kids enjoyed having a day at home. We did manage to make it to WalMart for Ben to look for some Bokugan, with no luck this time...Sunday was more Conference and some time outside in the beautiful weather and more birthday cake.

Ben's favorite gifts included a laser pointer and chili cheese fritos. What a funny guy!

Today he brought cookies on a stick to school for his birthday treat. Yum.

We ended today-the special day-with dinner at Red Robin. More yum. I think we need to work on more family traditions that don't involve food...maybe after my birthday. Hahaha.

Lots of fun for our fun-loving boy. Love you, Ben!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Ben!!! Sounds like a birthday bonanza! Nice soft focus pictures. ;o)

Becky said...

Patrick's birthday is this Saturday, so it must be birthday season. He has 12 boys coming to our house for his party... I wish it was already over! Party's are such a workout.

Rob said...

Happy Birthday Ben! I tried to call, but no one answered. Hope it was a good one. Love Uncle Rob

Kim E. said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!
Wow, cookies on a stick. I thought you never wanted to see cookies on sticks again after that garden party.

Kim said...

Ah, cookies on a that I have a supplier (Sherri at the local Albertson's) they're a family favorite. At only 89 cents a cookie, they're great for a class treat, and nut free! ;)

Bret and Sarah said...

What the...Mr. Biggs, Bokugan??? Either I am way out of the kid loop, or you're just makin' this stuff up. Never heard of them!

9 years old! Oh how I miss the little Ben that use to let me kiss and hug him! (ok...he didn't really "let" me, but he wasn't quite fast enough to out run me!)

P.S. They are my regular jeans with a panel sewed in. I just couldn't bring myself to do maternity.