Sunday, October 12, 2008

End of First Quarter- 7th Grade

Self portrait-October 2008

Jake has managed to survive the first quarter of seventh grade. I guess I should say something other than "survive" since he ended with five A's and one A-. We're unbelievably proud and even more excited to know that he may have learned an important life lesson--do NOT procrastinate.

He's struggling to remain positive during this time in his life (ex. "how was school" "good, I mean fine. Or should I say nothing terrible happened, so Okay, I guess." --It's a bit exhausting. Any advice is welcome.) but there are times that his sweet, kind, loving, generous self is apparent. For example, he made a nameplate in wood shop class.

With the time he had left, he made a nameplate that said, MOM. It wasn't perfect, according to him, so he made me another one. I was so pleased to receive one, but two, c'mon! He then made one for Ben and then only had time to make an "R" for Rachel. So, so sweet and just like Jake...Dad did not get one...yet.

His next project was this clipboard.

He continues to work hard on his scouting merit badges and shows great commitment to getting his Eagle Scout award. He's also working hard as he serves as secretary in the Deacon's Quorum. I can see him developing some real patience and leadership.

This is a boot scraper he made in metal shop.

He's an awesome son, brother and friend. I guess the most frustrating thing is that I can't convince him of his amazing qualities with a pep talk. He's struggling to figure out what it is that makes him unique and it's something we all go through. Seventh grade is tough. He is in a toxic, hostile environment. Somehow he's managing to get through it...I just wish I could shelter him from the bad stuff, you know?

Cheers to you Jake on an amazing first quarter. We really couldn't be more proud.


Becky said...

He sounds like such a great kid! I know what you mean about sheltering him; I wish that about my kids too. There is way too much junk out there to worry about.

Annee said...

I think that clipboard is actually awesome. It looks nice, and it serves a purpose. That would pass the test of sticking around in my house! 7th grade is rough. Hostile and toxic are strong words. I'm scared to think that it's really that bad!