Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pinewood Derby

This year Ben made an awesome car for the races. The kids and I arrived at the church more than an hour before it was scheduled to start so that "the man" could set up the track. (We were doing Dave a favor, as he is the Cub Master). Ben brought last year's car to race against this year's creation while we waited for everyone to arrive. Great idea.

When Evan arrived without a car, Ben immediately offered to let him use last year's racebox. Evan took third place overall with the loaner. Ben won fourth overall and first in his age group as well as the "Best Rear End" award. (Can you tell Ben's den leaders know about his sense of humor?) Not bad, Dave. Third and fourth. You must be proud.
Let's do it again next year!


Kurt Uccello said...

Oh my god! I remember doing that. Dad made me put more weight on the back of the car. Against my better judgment. and it made it way to heavy! it destroyed me for life. jk, no i am not. But i LOVED making that car, i can still smell the paint. I think i might have it somewhere.

carrie said...

i remember when kurt did that too. i love the color, very cool. i guess boys aren't that bad right? big difference from the chunky snowwoman to the wow green wooden cars. it's going to be interesting!