Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday Rachel and I hosted our playgroup for the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was very fun but different than last year because we had the "big kids" participate last year.

Ben was such a nice big brother (and son) because he got up extra early to hide a whole bunch of eggs before he went to school. Jake probably would've helped if he weren't frantically trying to get some homework done before nearly missing the bus...oh, to be thirteen. Simply one injustice after another.

We have a couple new ladies with kids in our playgroup (after the ward boundary changes) and it has helped revitalize our little group. Rachel is really enjoying the "babies" in the group. And Fox now has some boys to join in playing with the lightsabers. Fun times and good memories.
Let's do it again next year.
P.S.- Annee, did you notice Rachel's jumper is the same fabric as the skirt you made her? We saw it at Costco and she spotted it literally yards away. "That's for me, Momma. I need that one. Did Ruby and Jane make this one too?"


Becky said...

So cute! Our ward/neighborhood egg hunt was held this morning in the rain. We were soaked despite the fact it was over within 10 minutes.

Kim E. said...

It was loads of fun. Thanks for hosting...and I might need the recipe for that lemon cake. It was so yummy.

Coon Family said...

Ditto on the lemon cake recipe (I love cakes without frosting) and the glaze was just right! Also thanks for your supporting words! Ice cream... I think I could handle that.

Annee said...

I saw that dress in the first picture and thought maybe your mom found the fabric or something. I can't believe you found it at Costco. That's so great that she recognized the fabric. She's my kind of girl.

We are sad we couldn't be there. We still remember how fun it was last year at Lori's house. It's probably a good thing that the group has new blood.

Laura said...

We had a great time, Kim!! Thanks so much for hosting.