Sunday, April 5, 2009

A new pet and "big" snowkids

When Dave has time off we all hold our breath to see what the next adventure will be. The window was broken at the beginning of his last week off and then followed up with capturing this new family pet.

He's a blue-belly lizard. Ben spotted it while shooting hoops with Dave and then Dave managed to capture it, due to years of experience capturing reptiles. Yikes.

The lizard is in heaven in the terrarium, and much to my relief, it appears he can not escape like the gecko did. That's also welcome news for any house guests we have. Our aquarium days are officially over for now, due to two fires, but this terrarium is working out beautifully. I'm still holding my ground on NO SNAKES. That was in the pre-nup. I think allowing reptiles of any kind is very accommodating.

The week ended without any major injuries and a snowman on the deck. Dave thought this looked like a snowgirl with a dress but Rachel said no because she's too "chunky". Where does this stuff come from? I know at school last week there was an incident with another girl who was upsetting Rachel by saying that she is prettier than Rachel. They're so young to be doing this, right? The teacher settled it by telling them that Jesus makes us all pretty. You gotta love private, Christian preschool where they can say that sort of thing.
Too chunky. I don't think so. There's no such thing for a snowperson.


Annee said...

The lizard is totally accommodating. Don't ever give in to the snake.

That is so sad that the snowgirl was too chunky for Rachel to give her full love to. I've heard that this whole love affair with princesses is a passing phase with girls, but the lasting imprint of wanting to be beautiful and dolled up at all times, that may not pass. Now I think I've ruined my daughters!

carrie said...

hailey's friend said she had chunky thighs in preschool! she still worries about it and she will not be nude in front of anyone ever, starting at 6. it is so super sad. they really do grow up too fast. it's the divas who start it and then you can't escape the pressure.