Friday, April 17, 2009

The Mind of A Four-Year-Old

Do you ever wonder what goes through the mind of a 4-year-old?
Posted by PicasaSelf portrait March 2009
If so, head on over to our house to find out. Rachel is sure to tell you exactly what she's thinking every second of every minute. Stream of consciousness, really. When we are out and about it is less pronounced so we've been on a school field trip, to the zoo, to playgroup, to the mall; all in an effort to give my brain a break. She is a talking maniac. Who knew such a quiet girl would have so so so much to say?! Whew. Even Dave, who spends a fraction of the time I spend with her, is EXHAUSTED.
Love you, Rachel but maybe you could get a journal or something to write down some of your thoughts...without talking out loud the whole time?


Annee said...

Yo, I know EXACTLY what you mean. (times two).

Laura said...

Haha. You should set up a video camera and record some of that for ... future use (okay, blackmail). We always swore we'd do that to my little brother who pitched the biggest fits when my mom served something he didn't like to eat.