Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pagosa Springs...

Completely fabulous...but not for everyone.

We visited Pagosa Springs last week for our Spring Break and had a great time. The boys spent a couple of days skiing at Wolf Creek Ski Resort and Rachel and I spent hours and hours in the water...we figure she spent about 15 hours in the pools over three days.

Jake and Ben at the beginning of day one.

Jake mastering the snowboard.

Ben in huge moguls.
We stayed at The Springs Resort where we had unlimited access to all 18 of the hot spring pools as well as a "cold pool." It was awesome. Our friend Rachel is now actually swimming and she LOVES it. I felt a bit water-logged on Friday after four hours in the pools but Rachel was content to give me a break by following up with a long shower and then a bath. Fish. She's a fish, I say. She was too tired however to walk to lunch so we settled for Frosted Flakes and microwave popcorn. Not exactly a gourmet trip by any means, the Mexican food the first night was terrible. Like maybe-got-food-poisoning terrible. Avoid The Elkhorn Cafe at all costs.

But really nothing says vacation like sugared cereal and jigsaw puzzles. (Except maybe good food and the beach.)

At the end of day two.

Dave worked the boys on the slopes to the point of exhaustion and nearly died on his final run as the boys waited for him in the lodge. We're sure glad he wears a helmet. The drive was not too bad, only four hours, but a bit deserted. And again not too many good food options.

The hot springs were very relaxing and not too stinky (obviously, since Rachel endured it for hours on end) and honestly, I think healing. But like I said, not for everyone. The water was an opaque white in some of the pools and had floaties in almost all of them. The "cold pool" was the only freshwater pool there.

I loved it all but as I hop in the shower now, a week later, there is still the faint scent of sulphur and minerals on my skin. It's weird but I think it gets absorbed into your system through your skin and STAYS. Not for everyone...and those of you I'm thinking of know who you are. I, myself, am up for another visit ANY TIME.


carrie said...

thats so cute you have a little fish! i can't wait to go on vacation, it'll be a while for me unless the hospital counts. i am dilated and effaced and gearing up for baby Chase. If you get a chance email me your cell # so I can send you a picture in the hospital.

Annee said...

It looks like the perfect way to spend spring break.

Kurt Uccello said...

that place looks AMAZING, very very cool