Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekly Update

Thanksgiving week!  Finally a short work week, and a short school week, and a week where I know at least one meal ahead of time.  Allison and I decided early in the week that she would take the kids to her parents' house, since her sister would be in the States from England for the holiday.  My feeling was that since Allison will not put up with her father being a jerk to the kids, it would work out fine.  I went down to Groton for dinner, but only stayed a little while after that, because I wanted to see Carrie and Kurt, too, in Lebanon.

At Dad's, the Kindle Fire was the hit of the day.  People oooo'ed and aaaaah'ed over it, remarking how cool it was, especially at the price!  Ben and Tyler, Joanne's grandkids brought their 360 over, so rather than watch football, I got to relive the joy that is Beavis and Butthead.  Those 20 minutes felt like hours of listening to morons chuckle - I was never really a big fan of that show, and it has not aged well.  The food was good, though, and it was nice to see Dad, but I left the house too late to go to Carrie's ahead of time, so I went afterwards.

I got there just before Kevin and Lucy left, which is too bad, cause I like them.  Chase and Trent were already mostly ready for bed, too.  Chase still acts like I have spikes growing out of my face, but Trent is warmed up to me by now.  They were just getting the Rock Band going on the Wii - kind of a specialty of mine.  I had to calibrate the system, it was making it impossible to play well, and I missed my huge song collection on the 360 so much that I bought a 20 dollar points card and hooked the Goinses up with some new tunes.  Seeing Carrie's girls and boys made me miss my kids both a little more and a little less.  I will just call that a net gain.

I got to work on Friday - sometimes being a contractor SUCKS, and the kids came back on Saturday to a mostly cleaned house and a mostly rested father.  We then went to play D&D at the local game store, and they went over to the Sweeny house afterwards for pizza and board games.

"Its like the only picture I took this week, showing Archer how much his hair goes out in the tub.  I don't know why he looked so horrified, bu we were all laughing about it." -Rob

 On Friday Carrie wrote:  Since we're going north to no mans land tomorrow, I thought I'd update early.  This week I went and saw Kayla with her friends all pilgrimed up.  Some of these parents really outdid themselves with costumes!!!!  Thanksgiving was nice!!!  I cooked for us 6 plus Kurt.  Kurt took family pictures for us.  We played Twister, I almost puked on Kurt!!!!  Then Rob stopped over for some Rockband!!! Wish you were here for that Kim.  We all should be banned forever from a microphone :-)  Sean is playing a reunion show with his old punk band tonight.  Then Vermont for a thanksgiving meal with Mom.  Hopefully some cookies and playing in the snow.  My goals for next week.....to get my hair done, girls hair done and cookies!!!  Always cookies this time of the year :-) 

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun this year. Being with just carries family was really nice for me. I made bracelets with Hailey and Kayla and played Angry Birds with Trent. We played rock band together but had the most fun with a full on game of TWISTER. What a classic. I don't even REMEMBER playing when I was young although I'm sure I did.

Last night I was given a ticket to see SLEEP NO MORE in NYC. It is based on Shakespeare's stories. The play is interactive and takes place in a five floor building. The audience all wear white masks and are not aloud to speak. You are encouraged to be curious and explore all five floors how ever u see fit.  Unmasked actors make their way through the vignettes and if u want to see AMAZING performances then u follow.   I spent the full three hours exploring the different places. It is a combination of performance art, dance, choose your own adventure, disguise, voyeurism, and reading emotions in people just by watching their face and reactions. It was to this date the most special thing that I have experienced.

I plan to have Carmax give me an estimate on my car this week. I would really like to save more money


I wrote my post on Sunday and can not find where it was saved.  Great.  As Jake would say, I'm technologically impaired.  He's fifteen and also says I'm "ancient".  Just wait, Jake.  You'll get yours someday. 
Last week Mertz and Bertha came for a visit and to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We had a fun time together and great weather.  On Thanksgiving we went bowling in the morning (a family tradition) and after a low-key, delicious dinner, Jake and I hit some pre-Black Friday sales.  We left just after 10pm and arrived home around 3am.  It was insane out there but Jake calculated our savings for me at around 43 percent so I can't complain.  Plus he is great company.  In addition to teasing me, he is just plain funny and smart.  I'd give up a little sleep anytime to spend some time with Jake.
I got my hair done on Friday.  It's a bit too dark.
On Saturday, Rachel and I took Grandma Bertha with us to see the Nutcracker.  Another tradition for Rachel and me.
On Sunday, I taught Relief Society for the last time.  I got released and called to be the Relief Society Publicity Specialist.  Sounds like a made-up job, right?  Whatever.  I'm sure I'll be awesome.  I do have a degree in advertising....
Next week:   hold the freaking garage sale.  Get everything ready for it.  Promote the RS Christmas party.  Make neighbor gifts and teacher gifts.  Wrap.  Go to the temple with Dave.  Get a pedicure.  Make Ethiopian Chicken.

Until next week...


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