Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly Update


This week....We should become homeowners!!  Closing later this week.  Sean and I got the house "Christmas ready" cleaning out the old to make room for the new :-)  feels good to purge!!!!  We got a babysitter and went to Boston House of Blues Saturday to see Manchester Orchestra play.  They were really good.  Over the week we had lots of kids over for playtime, never a quiet dwelling!!!!  Got in some really good walks and am still trying to teach Trent how to play fair in Chutes and Ladders!  We ended our weekend by heading to the Dinosaur Place and then Build a Bear.  Much needed quality family time :-)  Love having a long weekend with the kids!!!  I also found a 1969 VW bus for sale and am seriously considering getting it if the frame is sound!!!!  So cool!!

This week I hope to.........walk three miles 3 times.  Catch up on laundry after the washer was down for almost two weeks!!!!  Get more Christmas shopping done, pick out the new doors and windows for the house and bake Christmas cookies.


 It has been a busy week for THIS little performance artist.  Sunday I performed as ALPHA (with OMEGA) at the Boston Convention Center where BILL CLINTON was speaking.  Its one of my favorite characters because we are encouraged to "interact" with EVERYTHING.  We can mess around with people, touch everything around...when we perform those characters its like we have JUST come to earth. you can check them out on WEMAKEPRETEND.COM
 The next day i was back up in Boston to perform at the ICA.  Its a beautiful space to show contemporary art.  I was an award statue at an event where DENNIS LEHANE (writer of Mystic River and many other things) spoke.
 Friday I was the GOD of WINE at a wedding in Connecticut. 

  I did NOT do my goal of writing some more songs. but thats ok  I started, and am more than half way done with one of my other goals....creating a gem stone gas mask!!!!!

  This week i would LOVE to start painting the new canvas that i bought at the salvation army, its the biggest canvas that i have ever owned.  I am excited to throw some TEXTURE on that bad boy.
  I also NEED to make an appointment for new contacts, i am pushing at least 3 years on this last pair (of two week disposables! woops)
  Also, my computer NEEDS more space and speed so i need to bring it to my research APPLE doesnt make memory for my aged computer, so i need to get the specifics from the people at the GENIUS BAR


Sadly, I have no photos for the week.  This could have been an excellent week - my birthday on Tuesday, the final battle for Neverwinter on Wednesday's Encounters sessions, 4 day weekend for the kids and a D&D game for me and both boys on Saturday.  Instead, it was a week of concern, conflict and compassion.  Sunday was spent scrambling for babysitting for Archer, since his mom was unable to get to the house when she said she would.  I was able to drop him off at a friend's house, and picked him up later that night. Allison wasn't around for the Amazing Race, so we saved it for later in the week.  When Monday rolled around, I left my cell phone charger at home, and my battery died.  Imagine my surprise when I plugged it in, and had half a dozen voice mails and texts!  Turns out Allison had a trip to the hospital, and in the end it wouldn't be until Friday that she would be able to go home.  Her parents came down to see her, but she refused visitors; it was nice for them to see the boys anyway.  I am largely not talking to her father anymore, because he thinks it not wildly inappropriate to threaten a teenager when you get lost.  They left in a huff on Thursday, but I got my fridge cleaned while they were here, so that is something.  Anyway, rather than get a lot of work done this week, I got to go in late Tuesday, oversleep Thursday and spend most of Friday driving around MA to bring Allison home (5 hours for the patient escort, 2 for the normal commute). All in all, a good week to  have nothing much going on.

Taking editorial license here and inserting Halloween pictures and description this week. -Kim

McGuire is the Green Lantern.
Archer is General Greivous, but with only the mask, and a knight's armor.  Think of it like Ceremonial Outfitting for the General - like Marine Blues.
The young lady in Orange is Ellie, dressed as Clyde (or whichever of the ghosts from Pacman is Orange).  The other young lady is Catherine, as a princess.  The other boy is Jim, he is dressed as the Companion cube from Portal.


Let's see.  I attended one PTO meeting and was kicked off the Air Force Base when trying to attend the second one since my license expired on my birthday.  The high school is actually ON base and it's terribly inconvenient for just this reason.  The armed guard actually wished me a happy birthday and told my to drive directly to the DMV.  I did.  I had NO idea my license had expired. 

I tackled the ironing pile but only to store a quarter of it in spring/summer stuff, deliver another quarter to the cleaners and ironed like five things.  Still on my to do list, but maybe not this week. 

Exercised five times if you count a lame yoga routine and a slow walk for two of the days.  I've got to get more motivated!

Attended Rachel's first piano recital(Popcorn Popping) and Ben's sixth(?)(The Entertainer).  They both did excellent jobs.   It's fun to see their progress.  Closed out the soccer season with Ben's last game ending in a tie:1-1.  He played full-time goalie and saved their butts several times.  Way to go!

Began Christmas shopping/planning.  Made smoothies every weekday.  Wouldn't you know, Rachel liked the "monster smoothie" the best?  The boys did not.  Funny girl.  It's the best way to get more fruits and vegetables into Ben.  Plus, just some morning food.

This week I need to complete the preparations for the garage sale.  We are clearing out toys and clothes mostly in hopes of raising enough money to buy someone a new smile from the organization Smile Train.  My kids' hearts are very touched by their ads.  We've had to wait until soccer ended to find a Saturday to do it.  We've been stockpiling things for months now and I'm anxious to move them on and do something nice as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

A first grade program and another PTO meeting this week.  Also, Dave and I are taking a gun class this week.  Should be a fun date learning to shoot!

Until next week...


Kim said...

Carrie-Congrats on the house! That's awesome to have it done. Way to go on the walking and Christmas cookies! A little sad we can't get together to make some...

Kurt-Make sure you see the eye doctor this week! I'm worried! LOL about the gemstone gas mask least that got started! You're surrounded by so many famous people. Not exactly like my PTO-going, suburban, soccer mom existence. Bill Clinton, really? Is he as charismatic as you would guess?

Rob-your life reads like a prime time drama series. Do you need anything? Let me know.

Carrie said...

Kurt, your life is so fun and you!!! Rob,I'm here for you too. And I can meet you half way to pick up Archer anytime you need me to. I hope things improve!!! Kim,getting kicked off any property is not something I'd expect to hear, funny!!! A gun course, awesome and a little scary. Glad the kids are doing well with piano, but they are pretty awesome.