Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekly Update


Typing this on a kindle fire, cause this week was apparently consumer week.  I had preordered this a while ago, like when they were first announced, thinking it would be a good birthday present for me. I have to admit, it is pretty sweet.  Not a lot of kindle.books on it yet, but I really don't get all that much reading anyway.I have a picture of it sent via text, note that most of the apps are games... It is just my nature.  Not too much going on kid world, McGuire missed his afterschool program one day so that he could be home for Archer.  We opened a savings account for Archer and got him a dozen pair of socks, clearly the high point.lint of his week.  Sunday I got the latest Zelda game, see the picture?  It is awesome so far. I am tired, fhouh-another picture to prove it- typing on A touch pad is sort of annoying.

Till next week


I finished the painting!!!  I used silver red and gold.  Red and gold are pretty much my last choices. Red and yellow are my least favorite colors. But....as I was out of blue paint it had to do.  I really like the painting. It is very angry.  It represent the end of my Providence chapter. The paper glued to it are my business cards from the salon that I started working at.  And red and yellow are Jons favorite colors. While painting the large canvas I also painted a smaller one with the same concept. I have been doing a "companion piece" each time I do a large one. I really get a lot of satisfaction from that and it also creates more of a cohesive collect of work.
 I achieved NO other goals but last night did another roll of film LOMO-style. http://www.lomography.com/homes/kurtuccello   The pics will be up next week.  (If they come out)
 I was in NYC Monday and Tuesday. Just to take a break. My birthday was relaxing. I worked as an award statue then finished the glam gas mask.
 Friday night was the night I was looking forward to. Although nothing turned out the way it was suppose to...i.e.  No one was able to get tickets and no one was out at a bar after the show.  It was a GREAT show. They modernized the costumes and added a few unique jokes mixed in with the classic show.  It was a welcomed change.

"Our closing at the Green Store"
 So, we are home owners!!!!!  Friday night we signed all the papers.  Surreal!!  Then I chaperoned movie night for 5th and 6th graders.  Sean and I met up with old friends to celebrate a 30th birthday and I went to a really good party for a sweet three year old and saw lots of old friends with lots of kids.  It made me think of how much I lost contact with people over the years.  I didn't get to meet any of my goals due to a 6 day migraine!!!!!!  Now a sore throat, but the goals are in place for this week now!!  I'm not giving up.

Sean went a got an elecrtric fireplace and new tv for the family room!!!!  We've been wanting to do that for a while.  So pretty and warm!!!  I'm planning on doing some little changes in there to make it prettier, more library-like.  Exciting!!!  Goals, cookies, walking, cleaning, christmas decorations.......we're doing Thanksgiving just us this year.  Then Sean is playing with his old band!!!  Then we'll head to Vermont to finish  our weekend.  Continue to be thankful for everything I have.  I'm so lucky!!!!!  Oh and get into the school a lot for Kayla's pilgrim week!!  I loved that in third grade.

I was wowed by the first grade program last week and completely smitten with my own first grader. They seem so much bigger and smarter than I remember being at that age.

The other highlight of my week was my hot date with Dave to the shooting range. I bought groupons for a class, gun rental, 100 rounds of ammo and an hour of shooting. Having never shot a real gun, I was apprehensive about it but as it turns out I'm a natural-born killer. A former marine who was on the range with me nicknamed me Annie Oakley. I shot a browning long-barrel .22. Dave is of course awesome(he kind of rocks at everything) but I held my own. In our class of 8, I was in the top half of shooters. So much fun!  I'm gearing up for a 9mm. 

The coming week includes celebrating Thanksgiving with Mertz and Bertha.  Shopping some sales with Jake on Black Friday. Preparing and giving a lesson at church. Shopping and wrapping for our "secret  Santa" kids.  Starting the book for book club-Little Women.

Over and out.


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we are all so different, which is amazing