Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Siblings' Update

Carrie, Kurt, Rob, Kim     July 2011   Glastonbury, CT

We are terrible at staying in touch.  We are going to try to do better by documenting one week at a time.

Mrs. Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction
     Last week, I successfully finished up the Halloween celebrations and turned 41.  Halloween seems to get more drawn out every year.  I suppose when my kids are all gone and it is quiet and boring around here I'll look back with a melancholy regret that we don't do more to recognize Halloween.  For now, I'm glad it's over.  School parties, church party, neighborhood parties, costume rentals, sewed costume details (that's right, by me), carved pumpkins, assembled gingerbread haunted house and collected so much candy.  Success. The kids also got well-child checkups (on their snow day) and flu shots.

This week I plan to:
1.  Attend two PTO meetings, one at the high school and one at the elementary school
2.  Get the oil changed in Dave's car for him
3.  Schedule doctor and dentist appointments for myself
4.  Tackle my ironing pile
5.  File
6.  Start my Christmas shopping
7.  Make smoothies every morning for Ben and Rachel.  Ben really needs to be eating/drinking something before school.
8.  Exercise five times this week.
9.  Make a plan for the Physical Fitness Merit Badge for Jake and Ben (and maybe myself)


It would be impossible to try to sum up the whole year, so I will only be looking at the past week, starting with Saturday, October 29th. Snow in October in New England is nothing particularly new or odd, but an October Nor'Easter, with most of the leaves still on the trees?  That is a little less common.  We had batteries, and flashlights, so the boys and I were happy to sit at home and watch the snow fall like crazy - after we ran a few errands.  Archer was playing a new game he bought himself - Sonic Unleashed, we had some frozen pizza for dinner, and were sitting downstairs when the power went out t 7:30.  No worries - I had my cell phone, used it as a light to get upstairs to light some candles.  It was not a terrible way to end a night.  McGuire read for about 3 hours in candle light, Archer and I hung out, and eventually went to bed early.  When we woke up Sunday, the house was fairly cold - stupid gas furnace, with battery-powered thermostats, and it still wants some external power to actually turn on the furnace!!!  We had plans to meet up with our D&D group, even though only McGuire was playing that day.  Archer and I brought a DS and my netbook to use the store's power!  We went to dinner at Fridays so that I could see the Patriots game against the Steelers (bad idea), and I brought them over to their mom's apartment since she had power and they didn't have school on Monday with the power out in most of the town.

I went home to sleep in a cold house, since I was still going to work in the morning.  I was pretty happy to wake up with power, but my alarms were obviously not set, so I got to work later, anyway.  Three of the kids that show up to D&D were coming over for Trick or Treating - I should have some cell-phone photos to insert here later.  The kids had Tuesday off, as well, so I am already thinking that they will be losing a vacation with the first winter snowstorm.

Wednesday was supposed to be the day Allison and I got our divorce approved by a judge, but thanks to some misinformation, I took the day off from work. and we got "properly attired" for court for no good reason.  Instead, we both went to our residences - I was lucky enough to see my neighbors leaving their house, so I dropped 100 bucks to get the kids they hired to clean their lawn to take the biggest debris from my yard, too.  I then used the rest of the day to have my car looked at so that I could get it to pass emissions.  Turns out that will cost about 1500 dollars, so I have some hard decisions to make there, the car has 200,000 miles on it, but it is a Camry, so getting a lot more miles out of it is not out of the question.  Still, not a great way to take a day off from work.  We did get penciled in to get judge time on November 10th, though.  The rest of the week was fairly copacetic - we had some surprises with Allison on Saturday, which led to  to juggle some plans on Sunday, but all in all, the weekend went well.


      I saw the band CSS in boston, Brazilian Dance ROCK they are SO energetic and fantastic.  I wore an army shirt that i made.
     I dressed as Kurt Cobain for work on saturday, which i may say came out Fantastic.  I then worked as a statue at some rich peoples house outside of boston.  I was King Neptune standing by them clams. then got back from that and did three costume changes for a halloween party in my building.
     Sunday I dressed as the "zombie boy" from lady gagas Born this way video @ a bar/restaurant DOWNCITY in Providence (it was on Kitchen Nightmares).  i won third place which is a $50 gift card to the restaurant.
     Monday i was in my stuffed animal suit with my friend Katie in the NYC Halloween Parade.  the largest pedestrian parade in north america.  We marched and posed for pictures....the costume didnt get much attention, so we did a costume change later when she wore the pants, and people LOVED made me year we are gonna make her get ALL the attention.
     I've been planning on moving to NYC when my lease is up in Providence.  Last night Jon and I broke up.  I have a lot of goals in my mind, and usually I dont set DATES for.  Although they do get done but this one week at a time will be fun.  In this next week i would like to record at LEAST one more song.  ive been doing recordings for a while....and i would like to get better at music, so i need to work...although when it comes down to it i will have to find someone to sing for me, i am just no good.


     Last week........ a snow storm caused some serious damage around the state.  We were lucky and only lost power for two days.  We trick or treated with my friend and her four kids at an old folks home, but they horded the candy!!!!  So we went on the green with another family we love.  Too much snow, so we opened the van up and drove down the green.  Lame but fun!!  Carved pumpkins, made a gingerbread haunted house and had two days of school parties.

     This week.......I'm freaking out!!!!!  We're supposed to close on the house tomorrow.  Still trying to get home owners insurance.  Because of the storm, the insurance agencies have been closed. No joke, going on 10 days without power.  I have been left out of the process because Dad, Uncle Jim and the mortgage broker wanted to make things easy for me.  Now I'm clueless.  And frustrated.  My goal is to bake something tasty and go for a run.  Or speed walk. It clears my head.  My babies are keeping me grounded and that keeps my eye on the prize.

     On another happy note......  Sean is taking me to NYC for my birthday weekend!!!  Staying at the Trump Soho.  So, as things stay crazy I have something to look forward to.  :-)  I'm a lucky girl.  Just have to keep reminding myself I'm strong and can take everything that's thrown my way.

 And that's a wrap for our inaugural week of "Updates".  Can't wait to hear from you all on Sunday!


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