Friday, November 28, 2008

Book Reports by Ben

Ben has completed two book reports with visual aids so far this year. He's very good at making note cards for the oral presentation. I'm very impressed with his public speaking skills.

This was for "The Massively Multiplayer Mystery: Spy Gear Adventure book 2" by Rick Barba

Ben and I read it together. It has a bunch of rather mature humor, like sarcasm, for a kids' book, but Ben understood almost all of it and thought it was great.

This was for "The Pumpkin Elf Mystery" by Abby Klein

Ben read this one to me. That Pumpkin Elf is sneaky. Cool visual aid, Ben!
(Check this off my list of things to do. Documented for posterity and neatly eliminated. Yea.)


Becky said...

Katie has a book report due next week. She wants to take in some kind of edible concoction. The book is about fairies. These book reports take up way too much of MY time and hardly any of hers!