Friday, May 7, 2010

So, 17 More Years?

Dave had to be at seminary today at 5:30am to cook breakfast. The school year is finally winding up (though only the seniors will be done May 14th and everyone else will go until June 2nd, including Dave and his remaining seminary students) and so they are doing some celebrating. Too bad it had to be on our anniversary...but we've been married long enough to realize that life just marches on regardless of the milestones that come along the way.

I got up to talk to Dave before he left (about mundane "housekeeping" stuff that has to be discussed to keep everything running smoothly) and as he was leaving he said, "So, 17 more years?" What a guy! We're supposed to be in this for eternity but I think another 17 year commitment will do for now.

He also reminded me that in 13 years all the kids will be out of the house. That wasn't such a nice thing to tell me. It's freaking me out a little how fast things go. But that's a post for another day...

For now, let me celebrate the fact that I married the perfect guy for me. He's not my perfect match on paper. Or maybe the professionals take into account that opposites do attract, I don't know for sure. All I know is that we are like opposite sides of the same coin. Completely different is so many ways--like heads and tails--and yet perfect together because we hold the same value.

How else could we manage the good cop/bad cop gig all the time or family vacations (and life for that matter) filled with spontaneity and a schedule? There are so many ways we compliment each other that it thrills me that we both committed to the LONG haul with three terrific kids and nothing but eternity ahead (and a LOT of negotiations).

Love you, David. Looking forward to the next 17 years... ;)


Lori said...

Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple!

Anonymous said...


Annee said...

That's a sweet tribute, to the both of you. I love perfect matches, especially when they are built out of opposites. I feel like I'm in such a relationship myself.

I like the leap-frogging commitment idea. For a spontaneous, non-planning sort of a guy, 17 more years is pretty huge :)