Monday, May 17, 2010

Snowy Village

"What's this?" you ask.

It's the memory of April 23, 2010 when I awakened to find snow on the ground and a delay start scheduled by dear D20. No problemo. Let's send it out with a bang...some cakelets and hot chocolate for what is likely our last "late start" of the year.

That is until D20 decided to update with a full blown snow day. My celebratory disposition changed and I had to try hard to keep from crying. Why, oh why, a canceled day?!

The snow was completely melted by 11am. That's springtime in the Rockies for you...June 2nd here we come. Ready or not.


Anonymous said...

Kim you are such a cute mom trying to make the best of it. Mother nature is not always on our side as you know MOM

Annee said...

Oh the snowy village! I'm so glad it brought even a bit of cheer on an otherwise depressing day!

June 2nd? What's that? Is it the last day of school?

Rebecca Irvine said...

Mmm. Those look tasty! Sorry spring has been so off and on for you this year.

Kim said...

Yes, indeed, Annee. June 2=last day of school. Hopefully, my plans for swimming everyday will come true with a bit of sunshine and warmer weather...I'm starting to wonder though.