Monday, May 3, 2010

Ben's Big Day

Last Friday Ben finally bought his iPod Touch. He's been saving and earning the privilege for nearly eight months!

He saved up ALL the money for it and then had to read to Rachel, read by himself, and keep his room clean for 50 days. That's a lot to ask of one excruciatingly active 10 year old, but he did it.

We're so happy and proud.

To add to our pleasure is the fact that Jake walked home from school one day in March as the proud owner of one (he won the grand prize from his school) and Ben was thrilled for him. No temper tantrum or sulking about that life is not fair (which clearly it is not) but simply JOY for Jake's good fortune. What a guy.

We love you, Ben.

(Now if he can just love it and appreciate it as much as he hoped could be tough to live up to the expectations...)


Jennifer said...

Ben yay! You will love it. It does live up to the fun it promises. Great games and music. Doodle Jump and Plant s vs. Zombies are both fun. Take good care of it and get screen protecors and a case. I'm excited for you.