Thursday, October 1, 2009

Check Out What I Brought Back from Korea

Here are a few of my Korean finds...

A "Rolex" for Dave. (Which may or may not have stopped working already...)

A new vase.

A "super-soft" blanket for Rachel to dance on, because what else would you do with a super-soft blanket?

A couple of fabulous purses.

Some parasols.

The idea to make crepes(said with French accent) for breakfast with creme(also said with French accent). Delicious! Betty Crocker's recipe is not as good as yours though, Annee. You truly are a Renaissance woman.

Lori posted more wonderful details about our adventure HERE.

Let me publicly thank her for not posting every single picture of my rear end that she took and for keeping the pictures of my bad hair days to a minimum. That's a good friend.

The one detail I need to add is that I returned to Colorado to find a little piece of Korea in my very own family. I had been commenting on the bus ride to the airport on the eclectic fashions worn by Korean children. Every color in the rainbow makes for a good Korean outfit.
Check out what Rachel was dressed in to welcome me home (after she went to Costco, and Lowe's, and to a soccer game).

Korea may be over 6000 miles away but when Dad and Rachel are in charge of the outfits, it feels like I'm right back there. (A snowman shirt and snowflake tights in September--what the heck?!)

This picture is for you, Kurt. It's a paper chain made of origami cranes, I think. It was impressively long.


Annee said...

I feel a little bit sick about the "Rolex". I hope it will continue to work for a bit longer. I mean come on!!

Rachel's outfit is so totally Korean, I love it. That is a picture to save for her for the rest of her life!!

You really got some great purses.

Lori said...

Love the new blog look! I have to admit it was hilarious seeing Rachel at the airport in her "Korean" outfit to greet us!

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive Rachel let Dave get away with that outfit!! too funny. I love your purses.What a great vacation!! Love MOM

Laura said...

If I'd have known Korea was such a hot spot for cool purses, I would've given you my shopping list (cuz ... I'm so fashionable. haha) LOVE Rachel's outfit. Sometimes, I just have to laugh at what I come home to - aren't some things just common sense?!?! Guess not. :)

Becky said...

Adore that blue purse!! Send it my way if you get tired of it.