Friday, July 11, 2008

Prodigy Cup 2008

This soccer tournament took place shortly before our trip to New York but I wanted to show everyone the team, including Cole Miller(with the mohawk), who was the inspiration for the faux-hawk that Ben now sports. Cole is an amazing soccer player and an explosively fast runner. It's no wonder Ben respects (can I say idolizes?) him so much.

Ben's team played very well, and in fact ended up in the semi-finals despite having the hardest draw in the tournament.

We really signed up so that we could decide how serious Ben was about soccer. He loves it, of course, but what sport doesn't Ben love? Before we committed to travelling up to Denver next season, I wanted to make sure that he was passionate about soccer. Well, he let me know during the four games of Prodigy that it won't be a waste of time to travel. There was something about playing for an actual trophy that fired him up. He was super aggressive. During the semi-final game he played his personal best game ever. Way to show up when it counts!

A'travelling we'll go....