Friday, July 18, 2008

Cub Scout Day Camp

Ben went to day camp 3 days last week. I was able to go with him on one of the days. It was brutally exhausting. Hot, sunny, dirty and very busy. Each day they left before 7:30am and returned home after 5pm. Whew. BB guns and archery were of course the favorites.

The last day, he returned so filthy that I took his picture before throwing him in the tub. He's so dirty though that you can't tell that it is mostly dirt and not a tropic tan. I should have taken a picture of the tub. Yikes. The picture with Evan shows the kind of dirt we're talking about on Evan's shorts. Oh, man. That's some serious fun.

Jake is off to Scout camp next week and he tells me there are no showers. Eewwww. Should I consider anything he packs disposable? Five nights is a long time to be gone. I miss him already, but not as much as Rachel will.

The day I went to day camp Jake watched Rachel for 10 hours. That is a long, long time. I paid him well because he earned it. They had a tea party, watched Little Mermaid, played princess dressup, made pink cupcakes, read books, had grilled cheese for lunch, got her to take a nap and (drumroll, please) had the whole house cleaned up upon my return. He's amazing, I know. Thanks so much, Jake!


Becky said...

Cub scout day camps are totally brutal! And dirty and sweaty! Just yuck. Wish you lived closer and we had Jake as a babysitter for my kids. What an amazing kid.