Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baseball 2008

Ben is playing baseball with the West El Paso baseball league this season because Dave's friend and coworker is a coach. It is also the only machine-pitched league that we know of for this age group in CS. It's a long haul down to El Pomar for the games, which seem to be every time I turn around, but it has been fun.

Ben only knew one kid on the team when he started but he had no trouble getting to know all the boys. In this picture he is telling them all about the scandal that happened with the UFC reality-tv show that he heard Dave talking about earlier. They all think he's so cool to know about the smashed up limo and reorganized final fight, despite the fact that most of them have never even seen the show, including Ben! He does know how to work a crowd. And be CAREFUL what you say in front of him, he's listening!

My proudest moment of the season so far was when he was in the dugout while his team fielded. I caught him cleaning up the chaos from when they were at bat. Bats, helmets, water bottles, ect. were everywhere. I could not have been more proud if he had hit a grand slam! My child actually does recognize a mess and he voluntarily organized it! So, so proud.


Becky said...

He voluntarily cleaned up?!? I might have to use that for one of my Year of Miracles blog entries!