Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Update

Rob---catch you next week


Update.................After a round of strep throat for Hailey and 3 missed days at school, I get a call saying she got her finger hurt.  Her hand was behind the big heavy doors when someone knocked into it.  Her pinkie was smashed between the wall and the door :(  Not broken luckily but I got to see she left a mark on the wall, a legacy!!!  Poor kid's had a run of bad luck.  I feel like I'm grounded when I have sick kids!  But I dyed H
We finally got some snow!!!!  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday :)  It was so nice to get out there and play in the snow.  I'm quite the princess about the cold.  But if there's snow, it's all good.  The kids made "snowcones" with strawberry syrup and maple syrup.  Chase is finally liking the snow!!!  He didn't want to come in.  I guess his leg span is a key factor, last year he couldn't walk in more than an inch :)  Kayla and Chase lasted hours longer then Hailey and Trent.  Trent lasts about a half an hour and says he's cold :(  He's OBSESSED with Super Mario Brothers!!!  I've taken to hiding the games for the wii.  It's bad!!!  Kayla went ice skating with a friend.  Her butt wasn't too sore :) 
 I got dolled up with my friends to go Styleweek Providence.  We picked Kurt up on the way and got to watch tons of beautiful anorexic girls work that runway!!  Good times.  As for me.....I started a pretty good workout routine.  I'm almost sore all the time :)  Sean's sit up app on his iphone is coming in handy for me too.  Two days into that, 141 sit ups later!!  Hailey's changeover to vegetarian has made us all eat a little bit better.  Not that we ate that bad to begin with, but it's easier when I HAVE to focus on healthy.  I've already lost a little hip, which is amazing to me.  I need to get a scale now to keep track of my progress.  I feel empowered!!!!!  Goals for the week:  continue my new lifestyle, get boys haircuts and get girls haircuts.       
Sorry, I'm a little picture happy  :) 


What DID I do this week. I finished my shoes.

I started working again on my belt...

I've web doing a lot of photo uploading on the app INSTAGRAM....just a fun app to waste time and share art.

This week I really need to FINISH THAT BELT. I actually want to start separating things to be packed. And desperate clothes that I am actually going to wear.  Edit my stuff for my moving/travels. My lease is up end of Feb So the new chapter BEGINS!!


The sixth-grade Chinese New Year party was a hit.  I wasn't sure 11- and 12-year-olds would have fun playing games--no media.  I'm not sure they thought it would be fun either.  But it was!  It really was fun.  I served dim sum and had them start with playing the guess who game.  They ran a game of charades and then played a chopsticks game and then twister.  They laughed and talked a lot and ended with a somewhat silly game of poker.  Only three kids knew how to play sooo....not really very competitive.  Mission accomplished.  These kids DO have "people" even though middle school can make you feel alone.

I finished Masie Dobbs for book club and am wondering what there is to discuss...I'll have to work on some questions.  One of my goals this year is to read more and I've already finished 5 books in the new year.  I doubt I can keep it up at that rate but I LOVE to read when it's cold out.

Carrie has inspired me to do better at exercising.  I'm walking with Lori again so that's good.  Talk about cold though--who-eee.  It's been windy here.  Sucks.  I have the ongoing goal of filing and organizing papers--maybe a once-a-week commitment would help...we'll see.  Maybe Thursday...And I NEED to update the blog with Disney and birthday pictures.